Backcountry Skiing trips – Switzerland

Switzerland is a skiers paradise, with countless mountains and heavy snow in abundance. Backcountry skiing is the perfect way to discover the hidden delights on offer in this small but mighty country!

Switzerland is at the epicentre of the world famous Alps, with most of the Southern half of the country covered in snow-capped peaks, including the renowned and majestic Matterhorn (4478m).

This results in perfect backcountry skiing, as the wide array of location choices combined with the excellent conditions of constant, heavy snow make for a veritable playground for backcountry skiers.

Apart from the mountains, the alpine scenery is as postcard-pretty as one can imagine, with tree-lined forests leading to idyllic and tranquil lakes, with small, quaint and rustique villages and towns welcoming all and sundry to indulge in the local customs and traditions.

Choose from our selection of backcountry skiing trips in Switzerland, from beginner to advanced and everything in between.


Top Backcountry Skiing Trips in Switzerland


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