Rock climb, ski tour or mountaineer through this diverse country

Whether you are interested in backcountry skiing through volcanoes and glaciers or looking to do some climbing and sightseeing, Chile has something for every adventurer and thrill-seeker.

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Top Trips in Chile


Ascent to Lascar Volcano Christian Fernandez
From 150 USD

Ascent to Lascar Volcano, Chile

Hiking in Chile
trip level Intermediate | trip duration 1 day
Explore the beautiful Lascar volcano near San Pedro de Atacama, in Chile, in this 1-day ascent with Christian, certified mountain guide.
Leandro Scheurle
From 890 USD

A trek crossing Argentina-Chile by The Andes

Mountaineering in Argentina
trip level Sustained | trip duration 8 days
A legendary trail walked in the past by the original towns is now possible. The Andes are waiting for you in a 8-day amazing crossing trek!
El Morado hanging glacier Nicolas Gutierrez de la Fuente Nicolás Gutierrez de la Fuente
From 100 USD

1-day hike to El Morado hanging glacier

Hiking in Chile
trip level Intermediate | trip duration 1 day
Join Nicolás, an aspirant mountain guide, on this 1-day hike to El Morado hanging glacier. Experience what it feels to stand before a great Andean glacier.
Cerro Castillo Mountain expedition Pere Vilarasau UIAGM Pere Vilarasau alsina
From 650 EUR

Cerro Castillo Mountain expedition

Mountaineering in Chile
trip level Sustained | trip duration 3 days
A 3-day mountaineering trip in Cerro Castillo in the Chilean Patagonia. A beautiful technical spot for experienced climbers with Pere, a certified guide.
Cerro Plomo Gastón Oyarzún
From 350 USD

El Plomo Peak guided 3-day ascent

Mountaineering in Chile
trip level Intermediate | trip duration 3 days
Join the local ACGM mountain guide Gaston, in this great 3-day ascent to El Plomo peak, with a really majestic view from its 5450-meter summit.
Villarica Volcano Perfil Eduardo Mondragon Eduardo Mondragón
From 69 USD

Villarica Volcano guided trekking ascent

Mountaineering in Chile
trip level Easy | trip duration 1 day
A really unforgettable ascent in company with the local IFMGA guide Eduardo. He will lead this trekking day and help you reach the summit of the amazing Villarica Volcano!



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Good to Know


What’s the weather like?

Chile is a diverse country with subtropical, arid, Mediterranean, temperate and subpolar climates. Many guides offer ski touring and climbing trips from Chile’s Central Valley. Here the winters and summers have fairly mild temperatures, becoming increasingly dry the farther north you go. Many mountaineering trips are offered in the country’s north, which receives almost no rainfall each year and has hot summers and cold winters.

How long should I stay?

This depends on what you want to do. Most guides offer one to two day rock climbing trips around Santiago. Meanwhile, ski touring and mountaineering programs generally last for about one to two weeks, not including the time it takes to get to the start of the trip. Certain guides offer month-long expeditions that include a combination of activities.



Country Code:



Chilean Peso. Foreign currencies are typically not accepted in Chile, except for some hotels.

Best time to visit:

For rock climbing and mountaineering, the best time of year to visit is the summer (December-February). There is also some downhill skiing then too. In the winter and spring most guides offer ski touring. Guides generally offer ice climbing trips in the spring as well.



More Info on Chile

This medium-sized South American country stretches for 4.300 kilometers along the southwestern coast. In many areas it is quite narrow, reaching 350 kilometers at its broadest point. Due to its extraordinary length, the country is composed of a diverse number of climate zones and landscapes. Chile is uniquely separated from the rest of the continent by the Andes Mountain chain to the east and the world’s driest desert – the Atacama – to the north. This isolation means both the culture and nature of the country is quite unique. Santiago is a cosmopolitan civic and cultural hub, while much of the rest of the country is sparsely populated. Along with its landscapes and wildlife, Chile is also renowned for its food and wine.    



What People are Saying about Chile


  • (5)
The trip was great!
Sebastian’s colleague Ignacio catered it exactly as I have envisioned the trip to be according to my skills and background experience.
He was patient and helpful when I struggled in certain moments and he taught me a lot of important safety details on various aspects of the activity, which was what I expected.
Overall, a fantastic three days and will definitely return if I have time next year!
  • (5)
Thanks for making the last minute arrangements with Cristobal for me.
I had three great days in his company.
Now looking forward to meeting Sebastian.
Thank You very much for your help!
  • (5)

A+++ fantastic guide, very professional, knowledgeable and entertaining. Thank you Cristian for a memorable day!

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Pere was great!!!
Lots of great tips, great company- amazing guide!!!

  • (5)

Are you up for a rewarding adventure – go for the Lascar Volcano. Our very experienced guide Christian Fernandez made sure everything was in place for a great experience, from safe driving to making breakfast to setting a good pace for reaching the top without being too affected by the altitude. Stunning views and a great sense of accomplishment, our thanks to Christian and for a truly memorable hike. Best regards, Erik (37) and Christopher (30), Norway

Erik Tschudi Madsen for Ascent to Lascar Volcano, Chile