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Discover the understated beauty of this gorgeous Atlantic nation and its islands!

From the volcanoes of Madeira to the canyons of Rio de Frades, Portugal is jam-packed with outdoor activities for enthusiasts of every nature. Whether you want to climb rock walls over the beach or hike through the rugged backcountry, there is plenty to keep you occupied in this amazing place.



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Good to Know


What’s the weather like?

During the summer, Portugal has great weather. The average temperature sits around mid-20s, but does occasionally exceed 30ºC. The mountains in the north tend to be cooler than the south. Rain is quite infrequent during the summer. This has led to forest fires in the center of the country in recent years, something to keep in mind before booking a trip.

How to get there?

Depending on whether you are visiting the north or south of the country, you will want to fly into the international airports at Lisbon (LIS) or Porto (OPO).



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Best time to visit:

May to September is the best time to visit Portugal for the majority of its outdoor activities.



More Info on Portugal

While not directly located on the Mediterranean Sea, Portugal offers many of the same advantages of a Mediterranean location. That, perhaps, explains why tourism is a burgeoning industry in the small country.

For such a small country, Portugal has plenty of diversity and is dotted with numerous natural parks. Here is where some of the best hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing and canyoning can be found.

As tourism continues to grow in Portugal as an economic driver, courses for all sorts of these outdoor activities keep popping up. This makes Portugal the ideal location to learn something new. Rock climbing courses on the beach are understandably becoming very popular.

Renowned for its seafood and wine, no trip to Portugal is complete without sampling the local fare. Whether you head out in Porto or Lisbon, be sure to find a good local bistro and treat your taste buds to a vacation too.



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