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Get out of the resort and into the backcountry. Snowcat skiing enables you to travel great distances in a single day, getting you out into the remote wilderness to enjoy pristine powder.



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Snowcat skiing is essentially the same as backcountry skiing, except you use a snowcat to get up the slopes instead of climbing. The sport was invented 30 years ago in the Selkirk Wilderness of British Columbia by a couple who had an epiphany while on a ski holiday. Since then the technology has improved and now snowcat skiing rivals heliskiing in terms of its efficiency and range. This sport has not caught on everywhere, but be sure to cut down on wait times for chairlifts and those arduous climbs where ti has. It is best to hire a certified mountain guide for any snowcat skiing adventure. They know the best routes to take as well as how to best prepare for an avalanche or inclement weather



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