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When you hike this trail you will find a charming little wooden house before reaching the highest point of the route. It is an antique tea house where you can enjoy some delicacies with fabulous views of the valley.



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June to August


Canadian dollar


The summers are pleasant and the winters totally snowy. The average annual temperature ranges between -15 °C and 22 °C

How to get there

As in the rest of Canada, the easiest way to get there is by car. You can rent one in any of the main cities. Calgary Airport is the most practical option, due to the short distance. There are free parking spots almost everywhere in Banff National Park, even around Lake Louise

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The last meters before reaching the Plain of Six Glaciers imply a steep slope full of large rocks and tree roots. But with a lot of patience and after overcoming a final section that gains height with a zigzag path, you will reach the famous Tea House. This place is still 1.4 km away from the goal but here you will begin to feel the end is near



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