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Fantastic trip with a great group! Edward made the most of the spring conditions. We were blessed with sunny days – touring in shorts and t-shirts. Beautiful views, skiing over fjords, after great ascents! Long descents, all in all an amazing week!!

My first proper ski touring trip and I didn’t really know what to expect…it was amazing
In every respect. The scenery was stunning and accommodation perfect at MIT FabLab.
Haakon looked after us at FabLab and Edward out on the mountain. I felt safe and exhilarated at the same time. The group were diverse with a sense of fun and a common interest in being out on the mountains. It really was a privilege for me to share the week with them. I look forward to another trip next winter. Bob

Guide was awesome.  Great terrain selection,  finding good snow and overall trip organization. Would definitely go with him in the future.

Fantastic and experienced guide! We highly recommend Marius and the area of Narvik!

The guides made sure we had a chance to be exposed to a variety of skiing domains, with changing landscapes and views.

This meant we kayaked across a fjord in order to reach the start of the ski tour, and returned to have a brief swim in cold but pure water.

Meeting at the restaurant-caffe place in the evening for dinner was a treat. The food was great and the warmth of the wooden built house typical of a skiing adventure trip.

Seb& Charlotte

Seb and Charlotte for 6-day ski tour in Finnmark, Norway

Super disponibilité et flexibilité des guides sur place pour satisfaire les envies du groupe et tirer un maximum du cadre exceptionnel! Guides très relax et très sympa. Logement simple et exceptionnel à la foi: une maison typique norvégienne au bord du fjord.
Nous avions donné une liste d envies par mail avant le voyage. Elles ont toutes pu être réalisées. Les guides et nous mêmes avons pu planifier les extras (sauna, kayak, chien de traîneau, pêche…) parfois avec les locaux la veille en fonction des envies et des conditions. On sent donc qu’on est pas dans un grand tour opérateur avec des activités en chaînes  réglées selon un planning stricte mais bien dans quelque chose de très humain et très personnalisé. Si possible, la seule info qui pourrait être communiquée plus tôt et plus clairement est le budget à prévoir pour ces « extras ». (Rating 4,5/5)

We made a wonderful one-week ski touring trip in the fabulous area of Finnmark. In all the places where we skied, we were the only skiers, discovering every day different environment and landscape leaving us speechless.  We were guided by Sylvain and Mathieu. They were quite skilful, friendly and flexible. Skilful because they have very good knowledge about the different places/spots to go skiing (depending on the conditions). Friendly because we had fun with them and they mixed very naturally into our group of 7 friends. Flexible because they adapted the programme, on a daily basis, to the weather conditions as well as (especially) to our requests and expectations. This trip was beyond my expectations and I strongly recommend to make it.  It is important to be very clear to the guides about your expectations and your intentions so that they tailor-make the programme of the week as much as possible.

I gave Fred one star because I booked him but never got the chance to ski with him. He booked 2 groups simultaneously and I was in the ‘wrong’ group. Also after 3 days he left the ‘other’ group to spend time with his family. Bottom line, if you book Fred, you have no idea if you’ll actually get Fred. On the logistics side Fred is useless. E.g. although he would supply groceries, we ended up doing them ourselves and although he would reimburse he still hasn’t done so. His replacement, Fabian, was a complete joke. E.g. 1. he said he only spoke French; 2. when asked about our transit back, he said he had no idea and suggested we check out the local bus. Skiing was subcontracted to local guides which were fine

Robert van Nieuwkoop for 6-day ski tour in Finnmark, Norway

Un labyrinthe de fjords enneigés, des pistes immaculées donnant directement sur la mer… Le Finnmark est réellement un fantastique terrain de jeu pour le ski de rando, un paradis suspendu entre mer et ciel. Il y a très peu de skieurs et la nature est à couper le souffle. L’organisation pourrait être déplorable qu’il serait difficile de gâcher le voyage… Mais l’organisation n’est pas déplorable, au contraire: Fred et sa petite équipe mettent tout en oeuvre pour en faire non seulement une semaine de bon ski, mais aussi un temps convivial, spontané. Ils ont de bonnes relations sur place et sont flexibles, ce qui ajoute beaucoup à l’expérience. Je recommande chaudement!

Sublime experience ! Although the beauty had been well telegraphed by my predecessor friends, I was still astonished by the beauty of the pristine landscape and nature. Facing a slope covered in snow while being surrounded by fjords is the best combination of colors and drasticity at the same time. The local team headed by Artur is exceptionally efficient, always coordinated night and day, and very competent. The fact that Artur lives on site is particularly helpful.  A couple of notes to future visitors: (1) always go where Artur tells you (he knows where the good spots, finessed based on the local conditions), and (2) go with the boat and dingy, and start the ascent from the beach, at least once on your stay.  Our guide David Pellissier from Aosta was a great resource and companion: very safe, straight-shooter, and always tuned to the group’s wishes and pace.

I was lucky enough to spend 8 days skiing with Fred in Finnmark in May of 2017. The conditions were unusually epic that year— it snowed almost every minute I was there, or so it felt. Even so, you still need quite a bit of expertise to find the right conditions (there’s no reliable freeze thaw cycle when it’s constantly snowing!) and Fred did not disappoint. It was almost like he was a magician, finding us the perfect snow every single day, even on days when the conditions were tricky. Most guides are good at finding snow, but what made Fred such an outstanding guide was his passion. You could tell that not only did he love to ski, but even moreso, he loved helping other people deepen their passion for skiing. He was so incredibly encouraging, and I definitely improved my technique and confidence tremendously over the course of the week. Add that to the beauty and wonder of Finnmark, the truly magical aspect of kayaking with skis, and it really was the perfect skiing holiday. Also, the food: delicious! I hope I can be lucky enough to ski with Fred again someday.

Breathtaking, awestruck, unforgettable are the first words that come to my mind after this trip in Uloya. I had some of the best ski rides of my life. Perfect slopes, fresh powder from summit to the sea and the sun setting on the Lyngen Alps. Am I in Valhalla? Pawel our guide quickly proved to be more than an experienced guide but a friend, always eager to share his love and respect for the mountains. Excellent at reading the aspiration and fitness of the group, he kept us challenged without unnecessary risks. His knowledge of the area can transform the worst whiteout into a fun and pleasurable experience. I warmly recommend this trip to all adventurous skiers. But maybe I should keep this place a secret, so it stays as it is, with entire mountains to myself and the Nordic gods…

The trip to Uloya was the most extraordinary i have been on. Now having recounted it more than a hundred times, my shorthand is that it’s an Arctic island-hopping ski-touring expedition. After that photos and drone videos have to take over, since words tend to fail… It is the ultimate getaway. You are in awe of the beauty of the Arctic elements. The scenery changing from eerie monochromatic to high pigment blue; from harsh to benign. While stunning and other-worldly to look at, this could have been quite daunting to commit to on long 6 hour days in the wilderness. But our guide,  Pawel magically got it right each time, planning each day in tune with the elements, setting the right expectations for what actually transpired. He was calm, kind, and inspired an incredible appreciation and energy in our group, which kept building over the course of the week.  By the end of it, the energy was such that even Pawel couldn’t help grinning ear to ear, same as us! One month later I still find myself day-dreaming of Uloya… I don’t think I will ever forget the feeling of being there.

I fell in love with the far north on my first trip to Lyngen a few years ago – it’s a magical place that combines a uniquely inspirational and rewarding mountaineering experience. For my second trip to the area I wanted to share the experience with a wider group of friends, some of whom had limited touring experience. With this in mind I went on Explore & Share to find the perfect guide for our holiday. They put me in touch with Pawel, who is based in Oslo and skies Lyngen very regularly. His extensive knowledge of the area was really helpful in weighing up various accommodation options across the region, and we decided to go for one of his trusted bases on Uløya.
I was initially somewhat concerned about the additional logistics involved in reaching and being based on an island and how this would influence skiing possibilities. In fact Uløya provides at least as many opportunities to reach the summits that offer the best skiing / view combinations than a base on the mainland would – either by boat, car (the team have a van based on the mainland a short boat ride away), or on foot directly on the island. It is a little bit further to get to than certain other bases but a beautiful place and fantastic base to explore the surrounding mountain ranges (incl. great tours on the island itself) – and quite frankly the extra travel hour makes no difference by the time you’ve reached the arctic circle.
In Pawel we found a truly fantastic guide. He was patient and insightful, continuously reading and adapting to the team’s experience, mood and energy levels to ensure we always had a great time. He was very supportive with the less experienced amongst us and made everyone feel very safe. He  also knows the area so well he could find the one mountain that can be skied at pace in a full whiteout (it has an uncannily smooth 25 degree face) whilst somehow finding us fresh powder to ski 7 days in a row. We had so much fun with Pawel that we’ve started planning next year’s trip to Georgia with him!

Skiing in Norway was the most spectacular experience of my life! The nature and the sceneries are just unreal. Imagine infinite beautiful mountains towering high over the deep blue sea. On top of the breathtaking nature, Pawel (our guide) and his team were incredibly welcoming and made sure everything was perfect throughout the week. They really went out of their way to make sure everyone felt at ease. Pawel is an excellent guide. He makes you feel completely safe and has excellent knowledge of the area. He would adapt our days to the weather conditions, making sure we always get the best experience. I highly recommend this trip and especially our great guide Pawel, without whom the experience would definitely not have been as amazing.

Thank You guys for another great getaway experience! The lodge, the food, the nature, the guests, the guides all equally fantastic. Two years in a row makes this a tradition – we’ll see you next winter again!

Une semaine de fou … Fred nous a rappelé que le ski ne se limitait pas à un enchainement de pistes bleues ou noires. Au cours d’une semaine de rêve, il n’a eu cesse de nous faire part de son amour de la montagne et de la nature. Paysages indescriptibles, quiétude, plaisir de la rando, parcours inexplorés … et couloirs et autres pentes plus abruptes. Profitant de ces divers aspects, le non initié devra mordre sur sa chique à l’une ou l’autre reprises, le randonneur invétéré pourra parfaire ses connaissances et techniques, Fred prodiguant toujours le juste conseil.

En fin de journée, retour au cabanon. Apéro, pêche, chien de traineau, gastronomie locale (il existe au moins deux bon plats !) ou barbecue au bord du Fjord … à une époque où le soleil ne s’y couche jamais. Le rêve, oui !

Mon plus beau trip à ski, de loin. Tout y est! Le voyage est fantastique comme notre cabane les pieds dans l’eau, l’apéro dans l’attente d’un soleil qui ne se couche jamais, les barbec des cabillauds pêchés par notre canne quelques minutes plus tôt dans le fjord, l’aventure en chiens de traîneaux, et surtout le ski de rando. On était les premiers à skier sur une île presque déserte, on a traversé le fjord en kayak pour aller descendre un couloir qui nous donnait l’impression de skier jusque dans la mer, on a profité de paysages extraordinaires. On n’a croisé personne. On s’est régalé dans la montée comme dans la descente. C’était fabuleux. Quelle aventure! Et le tout parfaitement organisé par Gauthier (d’ et par Fred (notre guide). A faire et à refaire!

Aller skier en Norvège était un grand rêve. Nous réalisons que ce n’est que le début d’une nouvelle aventure. Merci Fred. Depuis quelques années nous pratiquons plusieurs jours de ski de randonnée par an, soit à Verbier, soit en Maurienne. Mais nous n’avions pas encore fait le saut du voyage complet dans le Grand nord Norvégien. C’est en Maurienne que nous avons rencontré Fred et nous avons immédiatement su que notre rêve allait se réaliser.
Pour être honnête, nous hésitions entre 2 voyages. Un séjour Voilier-ski de randonnée. Et le séjour de Fred de 9 jours : 6 jours ski de rando, 1 jour de kayak et 2 jours de chiens de traineau. Voici les éléments qui ont déterminé notre choix : (1) Fred nous proposait l’aventure dans le Grand Nord avec un encadrement professionnel,(2) Le confort dans un petit nid d’amour en bord de Fyord, (3) Une diversité d’approches de l’aventure avec kayak et chien de traineau, et (4) Un séjour intégré à la communauté locale norvégienne.
Je pourrais vous détailler chacun de ses éléments, mais je préfère vous raconter 2 expériences vécues qui résumeront tout le bonheur passé la-bas.
« J’ai dû m’arrêter tant j’étais submergée d’émotion »
Après une belle ascension, où les paysages se dévoilent petit à petit, où les fjord montrent leur courbe, où les éclats de rire égayent l’équipe par leurs conversions acrobatiques, nous arrivons au sommet, prêts à descendre un magnifique couloir. Un couloir dont tout skieur rêve. Pourtant peu on eut cette chance. Je me lance. Le couloir est étroit mais pas trop, la neige est légère, les traces sont miennes, je rebondis régulièrement, je prends mon pied. Du coup je respire mieux et je lève la tête… Et là, j’ai dû m’arrêter tant j’étais submergée d’émotion. Oui le couloir est génial, oui la neige est bonne, mais ce n’est pas tout : le ciel est bleu, un fjord magistral s’offre à moi, la pente me semble infinie, je me sens en sécurité, mon amoureux m’attend en bas, la bonne humeur règne, les paysages sont grandioses. Bref, je suis au cœur d’une aventure magistrale. Je me suis alors arrêtée. Hors de question de gâcher ce moment parce que j’ai la tremblote… J’ai respiré quelques minutes et je suis repartie. J’ai savouré chacune de mes courbes, j’ai levé les yeux et j’ai continué à admirer la splendeur de la nature. La beauté, la fierté, la plénitude, l’humilité. Et une petite bière pour fêter la journée
«  Nous avons crié de joie »
On est parti sous le brouillard. On est arrivé au sommet sous le brouillard. On a gardé notre bonne humeur. La météo fait partie de l’aventure. On aime l’aventure comme ça aussi. La boussole à la main de Fred. Quelques relèvements de sécurités. On redescend prudemment. Et puis, en un instant, le brouillard se lève. Le ciel bleu. Les montagnes fascinantes. Un confluent de Fjord. Choc de couleurs : blanc, bleu, métal. Choc de perspectives. Etourdissement. Nous avons crié de joie. Comme des gamins. On a hurlé de ce bonheur puéril et pourtant si immense. Merci Fred pour ce moment.
Nous voilà de retour de ce magnifique voyage. Nous pensions que ce serait l’aboutissement, l’aventure ultime. En fait c’est bien mieux que cela. Le virus ski de randonnée nous a piqué. Nous réalisons que le monde vient de s’agrandir pour nous. L’année prochaine la Suède ou le Japon, bien sûr en comptant sur les conseils de Explore & Share. Fabrizio et Gaëlle de



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