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Armenia has mountains, canyons, valleys and plains as far as the eye can see, all stunningly beautiful. Freeride skiing is one of the best ways to experience all this natural beauty!

Skiing down and amongst the world famous Caucasus Mountains through endless canyons, valleys, plateaus and volcanoes is a truly awesome experience, and is why Armenia is increasingly becoming known as an excellent freeride skiing destination.

Take advantage of the tranquil, peaceful conditions, whilst also making time to explore and discover the long, rich and fascinating history and culture of the country, one of the earliest Christian civilizations on earth.

Take a pick from our selection of freeride skiing trips in Armenia. A completely unique experience!


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The capital city of Yerevan is a good place to launch your journey, as the country is quite compact and you can reach anywhere from the city.

Some of the freeride skiing can be in quite tricky conditions, so being in shape before starting your trip is recommended.

Yerevan is a modern, thriving city which also happens to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on earth. It is known for its grand and majestic architecture, and for helping to preserve the complex and beautiful culture of the country.

Rain is most common in October and November, so pack appropriately to maximize your enjoyment.



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Quite hot with temperatures over 25 degrees celsius in summer (June-August) and very cold in Winter (December-February), with temperatures often dropping below freezing.




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Flights to Yerevan from most major Eastern European hubs.

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Best time to visit

November to March, when the weather is coldest and skiing conditions at their best.




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