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Discover one of the largest landscapes on Earth and ski down the gigantic mountain ranges dominating the countryside on a freeride skiing trip in China!

China’s massive size and population have contributed to its wide swath of skiing options, making it a freeride destination full of possibility. The Altai Mountains in the north have some of Asia’s most mouth-watering terrain, hidden away in a remote paradise for the most intrepid freeriders out there. If it’s tall mountains you’re after, Muztagh Ata (7,509m) has a great selection of high quality runs in ungroomed terrain. A never-ending supply of superb freeride skiing destinations await in China – all that’s missing is you!

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As a skiing destination, China is still developing itself into a world-class destination. Thankfully, this means that some of the best runs are still well-kept secrets. Freeriders and powder hounds have their pick of the best snow spots in the wilderness of the west and north. Most resorts can be found around Chengdu, Beijing, and Alshan, and can provide great runs for off-piste skiers and freeriders. The real gems, however, occur at the border regions with Mongolia, Tajikistan, and Pakistan.

Extended trips can also indulge in Chinese culture, which has a deep and illustrious history that spans both time and geography. Tibet has its own significant cultural intrigue, easily combined with an amazing ski adventure.



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There are a variety of climates across China because of its immense size, but you can count on cold and snowy winters in the north and at high altitudes. Summers in these areas can even get hot, but mostly remain mild and pleasant. Weather patterns are volatile the higher you climb into the mountains.


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Shanghai and Beijing are the biggest transportation hubs, with connections to most major Asian cities, Los Angeles, Sydney, Istanbul, and Frankfurt. Regional airports in the western part of the country serve some of the more adventurous areas, like Urumqi, Ngari, and Shigatse. Road transportation serves the final steps into the mountains.

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The snowy winter, from December through March, is the best time to visit.




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