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Discover the thrill of natural, untouched powder on Cayambe, Cotopaxi, and Chimborazo by planning an unforgettable freeride skiing trip to Ecuador!

This incredible South American country has a stunning terrain from coast to peak. Rising over 6,000 meters high, Ecuador has some unique and rugged objectives for brave freeriders, with snow quality and pack to match. Other peaks are well over 4,000 meters high and remain generally undiscovered compared with other destinations to the south. All of these features make Ecuador a real treat for tours off the beaten path – an exhilarating option for all freeriders!


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Ecuador has a charming landscape and culture that was made for freeride skiing and high altitude adventure. The major volcanoes are great places to head to ungroomed terrain for a day of skiing, and are mostly within close proximity to one another and the capital, Quito.

Because of their massive size, you are guaranteed to run into a wide variety of terrain, from alpine bowls, steep ridges, and gentle glades. The views of the surrounding Andes are equally profound – there are few places in the world that offer skiing conditions like Ecuador.

For intrepid powder hounds who really want to test their mettle, they can include rock climbing and mountaineering ascents to their program to add to the allure and challenge of the trip.



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The elevated regions in the mountains are cold and snowy, while the rest of the country has a variety of climates from tropical rain forest to coastal. May through December is the dry season, while January to April is the rainy season.




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If you want to reach the Avenue of the Volcanoes and many of the ski objectives in the Andes, flying into Quito is your best bet. It is easily reached directly from major cities throughout South America and even Miami, Atlanta, and Mexico City.

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October through January will provide the best ski conditions for freeriding.




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