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Incredible snow-covered descents almost all year round

From time to time, it is good to get away from the crowds and enjoy a wild solitude. In Finland, you will find much of this, as well as more than 75 ski centers. Although it is a country with very few mountains, there is a high quality and quantity of snow throughout the year in its hills and meadows. That is why Finland is one of the best destinations in Northern Europe to enjoy good slopes and great moments of freeride skiing.


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Cross-country skiing is part of the Finnish culture and has great value for the local population, as most of the people here learn this activity while learning to walk. Decades ago, skiing was the only mean of ground transportation in winter. They had no other option to cross forests and lakes and go to work or school. In fact, in smaller communities, children still go to school with skis, especially in the coldest times of the year. All the municipalities of the country, from metropolitan areas to remote villages, have at least one network of ski resorts.



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Winter is the longest season. The warmest annual average temperature is 6.5 °C. The highest recorded temperature is 37.2 °C and the lowest is -51.5 ° C.


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Helsinki has numerous connections with direct flights from all international airports. Some companies also offer good air connections from Asia. Ship is a very convenient and economical way to get to Finland. They set sail from Sweden, Estonia and Russia to the ports of Helsinki, Mariehamm and Turku.

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The ski season runs from October to May




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