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Leave the Gobi and the Steppe behind on your way to the Altai and the incomparable freeride skiing conditions of Mongolia!

The vast and beautiful country between China and Russia is a wilderness unlike any other, with a wide variety of geographical wonders. The slopes are the creme de la creme, with a ton of untouched powder and advanced terrain at high altitude. Your skills will be put to the test on never been skied areas with little infrastructure, so get ready for an exhilarating and isolated skiing expedition. As one of the birthplaces of skiing, Mongolia holds a special intrigue to skiers who want to experience the wild and free slopes of its uncompromised – and uncompromising – backcountry.


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As a large country in Central Asia, Mongolia holds many different ecosystems and territories within its borders. Most trips will enter through Ulaanbaatar in the northern central part of the country and disperse as necessary to the various points of interest. The Gobi Desert is located in the southern section of Mongolia.

The mountain regions have a high number of lakes to appreciate on a ski trip, and drain rivers into the Steppe from over 4,000 meters. Its highest mountain is Khuiten Peak at 4,374 meters.

Visa requirements differ from location to location, so check with your country of origin to determine what you may need to efficiently process yours.



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Expect sunny and severe conditions across the country. The Gobi Desert in the south has harsh conditions, as do the high altitudes of the Altai. Snowy winters and volatile weather highlight Mongolian ski areas, with low temperatures.




Mongolian togrog (MNT)

How to Get There

Direct flights to Ulaanbaatar are available from Moscow, Beijing, and limited from Tokyo. Most major connecting flights will run through these cities. For domestic travel, there is a regional airport in Altai to reach the mountains. Buses and cars provide moderate access across the country. The Trans-Siberian Railway is a scenic option to enter the country from Moscow, Vladivostok, or Beijing.

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Best Time to Visit

Hitting the slopes in winter offers the best conditions, especially in snowy January and February.




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