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Glacier Hiking trips

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Rise to the icy challenge and discover the beautiful world of glacier hiking! This sport, the activity of hiking across a glacier using special equipment, can be enjoyed by everyone. With glaciers all across the globe, there are plenty of destinations to hone your skills and learn the compelling natural history of Earth. It can also be combined with other mountain activities to create a well-rounded and satisfying program. Whether you are passionate about geology and glaciology, or if you just love new adventures in remarkable locations, you will find the best glacier hiking program here with one of our certified guides. Book now and set off on a thrilling journey!

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Hiking to Marconi Pass, El Chaltén Indio Treu
From 1200 USD

Hiking to Marconi Pass, El Chaltén

Hiking in Argentina
trip level Sustained | trip duration 4 days
An ideal trip to observe the Patagonian Ice Field is to hike to Marconi pass. Indio, IFMGA certified mountain guide, will take you there in this 4-day trip.
Patagonian ice cap expedition Indio Treu
From 2000 USD

Southern Patagonian Ice Cap Expedition

Mountaineering in Argentina
trip level Sustained | trip duration 7 days
Come discover the third most important ice field in the world. This Patagonian ice cap expedition will last 7 or 9 days, depending on your wishes, and will be led by local IFMGA guide Indio.