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Discover fascinating and remote terrain in a hands-on way!

Rise to the icy challenge and discover the beautiful world of glacier hiking! This sport, the activity of hiking across a glacier using special equipment, can be enjoyed by everyone. With glaciers all across the globe, there are plenty of destinations to hone your skills and learn the compelling natural history of Earth. It can also be combined with other mountain activities to create a well-rounded and satisfying program. Whether you are passionate about geology and glaciology, or if you just love new adventures in remarkable locations, you will find the best glacier hiking program here with one of our certified guides. Book now and set off on a thrilling journey!



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Glacier hiking is a great way to see different and remote parts of the world. Glaciers may be found on all seven continents. Yes, even Africa and Oceania have them! No two glaciers are the same, so every experience is different. There are, however, two types of glaciers: dry and wet. On dry glaciers, there is no snow, so you can see what lies ahead, including fissures and rocks. They are slightly safer than wet glaciers, which are covered in snow and, therefore, have these perils masked. Either way, you should never go glacier hiking alone and it is always best to hire a certified mountain guide. Guides know the best route upon which to hike, where the most scenic vistas are and will overall improve both your enjoyment and safety.



What People Say

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Lucas is an all-round and really good guide. I really enjoyed my trip with him. He is capable of adjusting the difficulty of the terrain to the capabilities of his clients. Would recommend him to anybody.

Our trip  was wonderful!

Everything was as planned. Our guide  Gigio was very professional, very friendly, spoke  good English and easily adjusted hike to the abilities of two aging mountain  enthusiasts with 10 years old granddaughter. Hike itself was in exceptionally beautiful terrain, easily  accessible due to Skyway cable car.

This hike definitely was the highlight of our vacation and we all will remember it for many years  to come.

Thanks to all who helped  to organize this hike and especially  to our guide  Gigio!

Jacobo was a great guide ! Not only he has a lot of experience in mountain sports but also was very nice and thoughtful with us. I would definitely recommend this activity!

Everything about the experience was perfect – Sebastian was an amazing guide, the trek was incredible and every detail from the food to the equipment could not have been better. Absolutely unforgettable experience.

I actually didn’t have Ivar I had Martin Hess. He was outstanding. Pay him more money.

Our trip with Indio over the Ice Cap was fantastic. At the pre-departure meeting, Indio showed us several variations which helped us make decisions that allowed us to work out a way to still participate (I had an injury, therefore a low fitness level).Indio showed great patience; he adjusted the pace accordingly and his experience was evident over the course of a week. The weather was kind and allowed us outstanding views on the Glacier and from the many various high points along the way. We particularly enjoyed the rock scrambling and dodging the many crevasses! Our group was good humoured and worked well as a team; my partner and I felt we were with a group of friends, rather than a private guided trip. I’d recommend Indio for anyone considering this type of adventure.

Lisa McCarthy & Mark Dabbs for Southern Patagonian Ice Cap Expedition

Fantastischer Bergsteiger-Trip über das patagonische Eisfeld von El Chaltén aus. Unser Bergführer Juan und sein Assistent Raffael waren hervorragende Führer. Wir hatten eine super Zeit zusammen. Die Tour ist körperlich sehr anspruchsvoll, ein echtes Abenteuer. Aufgrund eines Schlechtwetter-Einbruchs mussten wir zusammen 2,5 Tage auf einer chilenischen Hütte ohne Heizmöglichkeit Weihnachten feiern. Juan und Raffa haben uns am 24.12. sogar Pizza auf dem Gaskocher gebacken! Das Wetter klarte auf und wir konnten auf das Eisfeld gehen. Die Blicke auf den Cerro Torre und FitzRoy waren atemberaubend schön! Die gesamte Organisation über Merlin und sein Büro sowie mit Juan und Raffa waren top! Unser absolutes Highlight in Patagonien.



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