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Located at the northern end of the West Fjords, Hornstrandir is the northernmost peninsula of Iceland. This isolated and wild area is protected in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve and it is an amazing destination for unforgettable hikes. The area has been inhabited for decades and the only way to get there is on foot or by boat. Nature has thrived in Hornstrandir, with many unique bird species and vegetation, and with a large arctic foxes population! Take your pick from our selection of hiking trips below and explore this spectacular region in Iceland. Explore-Share.com only promotes trips led by certified mountain guides.


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My trip to the Icelandic region of Hörnstrandir was simply amazing. On a four day trip trough its natural reserve,
we have not only walked through beautiful Fjords and stood upon massive cliffs, we have also seen Northern Humpback wales, sealyons, Puffins, and many foxes! The stunning scenery, great weather and chill guide made for a perfect trip! 

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