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Hiking trips – Japan

A dream destination for hikers, combining natural beauty, scenic trails and ancient traditions.

This magical mountainous country is full of fantastic hiking trails. You can either go hut-to-hut in the Japan Alps, climb active volcanoes, walk ancient pilgrimage routes like Kumano Kodo or join steep hikes in some of the many beautiful mountains in the country. You could also go on great hikes in Daisetsuzan National Park —the largest protected area in Japan—, admire the beauty of the Yatsugatake mountains at just 2 hours from Tokyo or explore the ancient mossy forest of the Yakushima island.

Take a look at our selection of trips below and set out on a great hiking tour in Japan! Explore-Share only promotes trips led by certified guides.

Shin Kaneko
From 14000 JPY

Hiking in Hakone National Park

Hiking in Japan
trip level Easy | trip duration 1 day
Discover stunning views of the iconic Mount Fuji and Lake-Ashi on this hiking trip to Hakone National Park, together with Shin, a local JMGA mountain guide.
Mount Fuji Jun Ishiguro
From 48000 JPY

Trekking around Mount Fuji

Hiking in Japan
trip level Easy | trip duration 1+ day | type of trip Private
Several days of trekking and cultural discoveries around Mount Fuji, in Kamakura, Hakone, Izu, Minobu and Misaka, with a JMGA certified mountain guide.
Fuji Jun Ishiguro
From 48000 JPY

Climbing Mount Fuji with a guide

Hiking in Japan
trip level Sustained | trip duration 2 days | type of trip Private
Climbing Mount Fuji/Fuji-san, together with Jun, a local certified mountain guide (JMGA) during the official season, from early July till mid September.