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Where crystal blue seas crash into mountains of mystery

Resting in the western Mediterranean, wild mountains cling to the edges of the island of Sardinia, colliding with the sea waters. Along the hiking trails discover the island’s dramatic rugged beauty. Visit from April to June for ideal hiking conditions.


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Located in the western waters of the Mediterranean, Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily, and is just 11 kilometers from the French island of Corsica. Sardinia’s coastline is largely punctuated with long, steep and rocky edges, with a handful of deep bays. With much of the population dotted around the coastal towns and cities, its mountainous interior is sparsely populated, offering fantastic and various hiking opportunities.



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What’s the weather like?

Summers are characterized by hot temperatures, around 23-26℃. The largest concentration of rainfall drops in the winter and autumn months, with heavy showers in the spring.


Official languages are Italian and Sardinian, as well as the local languages of Catalan, Gallurese, Ligurian and Sassarese.



How long should I stay?

The various trails of Sardinia could keep you buy for at least one week if you stay in one area of the island. Yet if you venture into the different areas of Sardinia, from the lowlands in the southwest to its highlands in the centre of the island, then you could easily spend 2-3 weeks exploring its rich geography.

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Best time to visit

Visit from April to June for prime hiking conditions, before the strong heat of summer.




What People Say

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i cannot say enough good things about lucia! she got me through to the top both physically
and mentally. give her 10 stars!!!! the hike itself gets 5 stars…my age limited my enjoyment of it to about 1 star. i simply bit off more than i could chew. at age 65, 5 star experience, but at nearly 87 ….too much for me.
jack rademaker for Road of 52 tunnels guided hike
Franco was a very professional guide. If you are not familiar with the trails in the Apuan Alps I highly
recommend you hire this company – for ease of mind and safety. I am a former mountain guide in the United States.
I can’t recommend Raphy highly enough. Good company and the magic ability to know who needs help and who needs
to just get on with it themselves. Great choice of hikes with stupendous scenery.
Benyapa Svasti-Xuto for Tre Cime di Lavaredo guided hiking tour
We had an amazing trip, although the weather was bad for Monte Pisanino, the guide Franco took us up a
neighbouring peak (Pizzo D’uchello). Not too technically or physically demanding it did require a good head for heights as some areas were exposed. Overall a great experience and led by a very knowledgable and professional guide. 5 stars, would recommend for anyone looking for something a bit different!
Kieran Anderson for Climbing Mt Pisanino, Apuan Alps
He was really really fantastic and our trip was amazing! It was myself, my friend and our two sons and
Enrico challenged us all and was really patient and great with our boys. We had 5 days of hiking and via ferrata in an incredibly beautiful uncrowded part of the Dolomites. I felt 100% comfortable with Enrico that he made sure our kids were safe in every situation. We all had an unforgettable experience and want to come back for more :). I keep telling people how great explore share is!
We had a great experience with Franco (member of Roberto guides’ team) who guided us in this trek in Apuan
Alps, the Pisanino, which is the highest summit in all this region. The level of difficulty is low while you should be ready to have some vertigos view at some points but we should say the panoramas are so stunning between the Apennines, the Mediterranean sea and the other mountains from Alpi Apuane all around. Franco has been so kind to explain in details the other treks of the region we will not miss to do next time !

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