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Mountain Ascent trips – Ecuador

A literal 'avenue of volcanoes' at your disposal

Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America and, however, it offers incredible mountaineering options with a wide variety of mountains, volcanoes, ecosystems and cultures to explore. Just few hours from Quito, its capital, you will find snow-capped peaks of 6,000 meters high. Ecuador also has a volcanic area located north of the Andes mountain range, where you can climb numerous volcanoes that go along the famous Avenue of the Volcanoes, a stunning central valley flanked by two mountain ranges. Select your next mountain expedition in Ecuador from our list of top programs here below. Explore-Share only promotes trips led by certified guides.

8-day Cayambe guided ascent trip

Mountaineering in Ecuador | Sustained | 8 days
Join Estalin, an IFMGA certified guide, on this 8-day adventure and reach the summit of Cayambe, Imbabura and Fuya Fuya volcanoes. You will be amazed by the culture, natural beauty and diversity of the Ecuadorian Andes.

2-day climb to Iliniza South summit

Mountaineering in Ecuador | Intermediate | 2 days
If you are looking forward to developing your next level of mountaineering expertise, Rafael, a ASEGUIM-certified guide with more than 27 years of experience will take you on this adventure to reach the summit of Iliniza South.

2-day ascent to Iliniza North

Hiking in Ecuador | Intermediate | 2 days
Join Rafael, a local certified guide, in this exciting ascent to Iliniza North and enjoy the spectacular view that height offers you. Take advantage of this acclimatization opportunity and conquer even more challenging summits.