Mountain Ascent trips – Iceland

Climb the iconic Icelandic fjords and conquer its wild peaks

Explore the majestic territory of Iceland and climb among the wonderful white wilderness of the country. Get to grips with the ice cap of Eyjafjallajokull, the highly active and bubbling volcano, or the prominent pyramid-shaped Hvannadalshnúkur, which reaches the highest point of the country. Visit between the months of May and August for ideal mountain ascents.


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Located in both the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean, Iceland is the second largest island after Britain. Its closest neighbours are Greenland to the northwest and the Faroe Islands to the southeast. Lakes and glaciers cover approximately 14 percent of the country, while 63 percent of land is tundra. Along the coastline endless fjords punctuate the land. It is a world-class destination for skiing snowboarding and mountaineering.



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The climate of coastal Iceland is characterised as subarctic, while the Atlantic Current warms the country more than other places of a similar latitude.




Icelandic krona.

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Visit between the months of May and August for ideal mountain ascents.




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