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I had a great time with Ivan at Dychtau! I can definitely recommend this to every climber who wants to
experience something different to the alps. You can find yourself in a wonderful place with barely any western tourist and enjoy the astonishing nature and the welcoming local culture. It somehow felt like I was climbing my first REAL mountain… and I loved it! 10/10 would carry 20kg backpacks, play cards with Russian soldiers and go to sauna again 🙂 thanks,
Maximilian Siller for Climbing Dychtau with a guide
Thank you for a great tour and a big adventure to reach Elbrus! You did a great job, leading us
all the days!
Petur og Inga for Climbing Mount Elbrus (5642 m)
We loved our experience at Mt Elbrus with our Guide Denis. He was an awesome Guide very knowledgable and skilled.
We would use him again. We were greatful for his translation as English was not spoken by many! Mt Elbrus was an amazing place. All lift passes and accommodation excellent. Food was really good. Training days on the mountain was a wonderful experience and my partner made it to the summit with Denis. Sadly I did not but will plan another trip to attempt it myself. I would recommend Denis to anyone wanting to climb Mt Elbrus. Great guy and Guide! Thank you for putting us in touch with him and helping arrange a well organised trip. Very happy customer experience all round!
Our guide was Nikolay (a colleague of Ivan’s), a wonderful gentle soul whose exploits include Everest and K2…without oxygen! I
cannot recommend this trip enough. We went late season and although at times a tad frosty, the mountains made for a spectacular backdrop to all those golden autumnal colours. Massive thumbs up 🙂
Tanya Glanville-Wallis for Climbing Mount Elbrus (5642 m)
My trip to Mountain Elbrus took place ending October 2016 so the mountain season was ended and the probability of
Bad and cold weather was high, anyway I took the risk considering the experience of my guide Nikolay (from Ivan’s team). The first 2 days on the mountain the weather was sunny and great so we did a great acclimatization, but on the 3rd day the weather change, starting to be very windy and cold and on the following days got worst, specially due to the strong wind it was impossible to try to reach the summit, finally the days were ended and we had to return home leaving Elbrus Summit for another time, you know the mountain phrase: “The mountain always will be waiting there for you as an impassive colossus”. Nikolay logistics was great, all the mountain food was very good, he share with me a lot of his great mountain experience so I learn a lot of very valuable things, and even Nikolay help me on the airport on my trip back to home because on the Mineralnye vody airport nothing is in english. Also the hotel in Terskol was very simple but very nice and the woman owner of the hotel was very gently and nice.
Ivan simply… “GUIDED” us. A beautiful word full of hidden meanings that are discovered while the mountain is revealing its
splendor and strength. “Guiding” means knowing when to talk and be quiet. When to encourage and warn, when to look into the eyes and convey confidence. In conclusion, “guiding” is accompanying with an almost undetectable softness, with an invisible and effective confidence that made us feel safe all the time.

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