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Bring your "A" Game to some of the iconic summits of Central Asia and conquer the rugged peaks of Tajikistan on a mountain ascent program!

In a country defined by mountainous terrain – 93% of the land is considered “mountainous” – it should come as no surprise that there are a never-ending supply of great ascents for mountaineers. With the Tajik Pamirs boasting 7,000-plus meter peaks, punctuated by lakes and delightful scenery among its craggy ridges, Tajikistan is one of the most captivating locations on Earth for mountain ascent adventures.

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The Fann Mountains and Iskanderkul are located north of the capital Dushanbe, which is the main point of entry for flights into the country. From there, transferring to different parts of Tajikistan can be difficult, so arranging transportation ahead of time is important. At times, access to to Korzhenevskaya is restricted to helicopter.

The population is relatively low, and migratory birds are a common sight at the lakes throughout the country. Most regions are elevated, with the Fergana Valley and Dushanbe’s Kofarnihon Valley as the country’s only important geographical locations under 3,000 meters. The highest peak of the Pamir is in China, though most of the well known summits are in Tajikistan along its border with Kyrgyzstan.



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Cold and volatile weather is common in this rugged and mountainous country. While some of the lower elevations can be considered sub-tropical, the continental climate and high-altitude weather is fickle and severe. High precipitation in winter and spring leads to a more pleasant summer and fall.


Tajik; Russian


Somoni (TJS)

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Dushanbe has direct flights to and from Moscow, Istanbul, and Dubai. Domestic travel can be done by bus or hired car on developed roads, though planning ahead is crucial to safe and successful transportation.

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July, August, and early September provide the best conditions for a mountain ascent in Tajikistan.




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