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As one of the iconic peaks of the Alps, the Matterhorn stands 4,478 meters tall and is a well-known climbing objective for all types of mountaineer !

Want to reach the summit of one of the most renowned mountains in Europe? Mount Matterhorn (4478m), also known as Mount Cervino, is located on the border between Switzerland and Italy and overlooks the Swiss resort town of Zermatt to the north-east and the Italian town of Cervinia to the south. A very popular goal among mountaineers, it is probably the most photographed mountain in Europe. Select one of the trips below and bag this peak! only promotes trips led by certified mountain guides.


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A mountain climbing journey up the Matterhorn is a legendary and unforgettable experience. It poses significant difficulties that require a high level of fitness and experience. Groups often include just one climber for a personal experience and the best chance of a successful summit. The Normal Route up the Hornli Ridge is considered the easiest and most popular ascent, including a stay at the Hornli Hut (3,266m). The mountain huts can be crowded during the summer, so reserving a place in advance is a must.



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What’s the weather like?

The weather on the Matterhorn is infamous for being volatile and unpredictable. The summer months provide the best window for an ascent, avoiding the worst climate and climbing conditions. The unpredictability of its weather necessitates the inclusion of a few extra days to complete an ascent.


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How long should I stay?

Mountaineers should plan on dedicating more than a week to climb the Matterhorn, which includes the time necessary to properly prepare for adverse weather and other unforeseen obstacles. Acclimatization is required to safely ascend the Matterhorn. The climb itself is generally a two- to three-day journey. The mountain refuge is usually the primary objective for the first day, with a summit and descent on the following day.

Country Code

Italy: +39 Switzerland: +41

Best time to visit

Climbs are generally undertaken during the popular summer months from June to September. Mountaineers can take advantage of late spring and autumn to avoid the crowds during an ascent, though the weather should always be taken into account when preparing for the Matterhorn.




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  • 27 reviews


Elis was fantastic!
This was a fantastic trip from start to finish. Lupe and Guy helped in the pre-climb planning, and Guy
is a very knowledgeable guide, and is thorough in planning. I can hardly wait to go again.
Marija is a very good and experienced guide. I will definately choose to go with Marija again.
This is awesome! Actually I could not go to the Matterhorn, because I wasn’t fit. Instead of that, I went to
the Pollux and Breithorn. It is touching to me, and I will go to the Matterhorn with fitting body and stamina. Thank you for giving me great experience
The whole experience of the Mont Blanc climb was awesome. I was really lucky to have Claudio Bastrentaz from Peaks
Hunter Mountain Guide Team as a guide. He is very professional and a great guy to be with on the mountain. We made it to the summit before sunrise and the views were spectacular. It will be a memory for life.
He is the best guide and supporter! He made me concentrate and focus on the rock climbing. It was really
exciting anf very fun.
Learned allot. Had a hard time with my fitness and balance. Guy wisely said I wasn’t ready. Next year I’ll
be ready.
I really loved Guy. He was the perfect guide for me for my climb up the Hornli ridge of the
Matterhorn. He was fun, patient and very experienced. Guy really knows the mountain and he loves what he does. I highly recommend him for your climbing adventures
Eli’s was the best! Peak Hunter Guides was great. Elis showed some of the best guiding expertise I’ve ever seen.
Thanks to Explore Share.
Marija was professional and showed great patience and fitness. This all culminated in a successful ascent of the Matterhorn. I
would recommend her.
Awesome trip with professional, friendly and highly recommended guide!
Many thanks to your team and David for the organization of the ascent to the Matterhorn. In the future I
hope to resort to your services again. I am very pleased with the result
Claudio was a competent, friendly guide. I really enjoyed my time trekking/climbing with him. Thanks again for a great adventure!
Ciao, John
Bart van Bemmel for Guided climbing tours in the Alps
The trip didn’t go as planned as per the initial ‘7 day trip with Elis’. In reality I actually ended
up doing a 3 day trip with Claudio Rosset, (3 days due to the weather) which was absolutely perfect and if there is a way I can rate that then I would rate it 5/5 as an incredible climb and guide! Had a 3 day trip up The Matterhorn with Claudio Rosset, we got interrupted with the weather but Claudio made a great effort to still make a climb work out by rearranging the schedule. We made the summit safe and sound and had an incredible trip overall. With consideration to communications, logistics planning, price and overall experience, I would rate the trip, Claudio and Explore-Share all as 100% perfect and I will recommend them to anyone! Thanks, Bjarne.
A very professional guide. Highly recommended !!!
Although the weather upset the original itinerary unfortunately, I truly enjoyed the climbing and overall I had a great experience. Elis
and Serafino were able to propose some great alternatives. I appreciate the professionalism you have shown from start to finish. Serafino was a fantastic guide, made all the correct decisions on the mountains, was very professional and safety conscious. The scenery and mountains around Aosta and Cervinia are spectacular. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to climb there. Thanks again to you all. I will recommend Explore-Share and Peakshunter to other people in the future, Regards, Cathal

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