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Located in France near the country’s border with Italy, the Mont Blanc massif crowns one of the world’s top alpine playgrounds. With a first recorded summit in 1786, climbing Mont Blanc is a rite of passage for the many climbers that seek to summit the tallest mountain in the Alps (4,810 meters / 15,781 feet). While a tough climb that requires solid physical fitness and technical skills, climbers don’t have to be expert mountaineers to tackle the one of the popular routes to the summit.



Good to Know


What’s the weather like?

Mont Blanc is a cold icy mountain all year round. In the summer, the temperature at the summit averages -5 to -10 degrees celsius. High winds and poor visibility can also be an issue high up on the mountain.


French, although many guides speak English or other languages



How long should I stay?

Trips usually last 2-5 days. Longer trips frequently allow for training and acclimatization climbs, while shorter trips are suitable for experienced mountaineers who are already acclimatized.

Country Code


Best time to climb

High season is from June to September, with a peak season in July and August.




What People Say

  • 50 reviews


Great experience with very knowledgeable and friendly guides. Great atmosphere.

We had a great trip and it was an epic challenge but we only made it to 4400metres which is 400metres from the summit when we had to turn around as I became sick with altitude and needed to get down safely. So had to abandon our summit attempt. Gigio was a super guide and looked after us very well and got me as far as I could go but in the end the best decision was to come back down to a safe altitude and feel good again


We had an amazing trip and are not deterred from possibly trying it again someday but will look to acclimatise for longer next time


Thanks for organising our fantastic guide and tell him a big thank you from us


Jurgen Schnitker for Mont Blanc 2-day climbing ascent

I had a great adventure to climb Mont Blanc and summit successful. The two guide are very nice, friendly and helpful, I really appreciate them. They always keep the safely first, well done. The experience is very good, from safety, service and Mountain View. I will introduce my friends to come here.

Thank you very much!

This was an incredible experience. Carlos did an amazing job. He was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the climb and was great at getting our shelter and transportation secured all while making sure I was safe and having fun the entire time we were climbing. I couldn’t be more confident to recommend. If you want the adventure of a lifetime, high in the French Alps then climb Mont Blanc with Carlos.


I joined this trip 30 Jul – 2 Aug with my friend from Japan. This was third try of mountaineering in foreign countries . The weather was not good, but we were able to stand on the summit. It was amazing experience for us because we have wanted to climb European mountains for a long time. We appreciate our guide and support staffs. Thank you!

The best trips I have ever taken! Andrea was a fantastic guide, very friendly and made me feel extremely safe at all times. I came in with no prior experience and he taught me everything i needed to know for the trip and went at my pace. The trip was well organised and ran smoothly. Would 100% recommend.

Rachel von Maydell for Climbing Mont Blanc in 5 days

My trip was great and the guides were the best!!!

I might recommend to extend the trip with a couple of more days to make sure the weather dont stop you from reaching the summit, and also to enjoy being in the mountains.

I had a brilliant time on my 2 day climbing ascent of Mont Blanc. The guide was great and I really enjoyed the challenge of the climb aswell as the stunning views and scenery. I would recommend this trip to anyone who is thinking of climbing Mont Blanc and feels they have the fitness and ability to do so in limited time and feels they are able enough for the harder Trois Monts route. It truely was an amazing experience!

More challenging than I thought I would be. Happy to get up; happy to get down. All 3 guides were great. Showed confidence, and took very good care of us 🙂

Carlos was amazing! Great person, beautiful trip. Get in good shape!

Safe and reliable guiding services. Would strongly recommend if you are fit and willing.

Vlad-Andrei Suciu for Mont Blanc 2-day climbing ascent

Mihnea is an awesome guide. He is very knowledgeable, great company and everything you would want in a guide. If I come back or do another route I will try to get him again for sure. Thank you.

It is a great though gruelling adventure that all mountain loving climbers should experience, especially under such wonderful care as that provided by the Damian and his colleagues from guiding team. Thanks to the piece of mind they provide – they look after your safety, food, transport, etc.- you can focus 100% on climbing this beautiful mountain.



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