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Mountaineering trips – Aiguille du Tour

Enjoy spectacular views of the Mont Blanc massif from one of its easiest peaks to summit!

Lying on the border between France and Switzerland, the Aiguille du Tour is a sharp needle peak of 3540 meters high. It is located in the Mont Blanc massif, between the Tour Glacier and Trient Glacier. Climbing the Aiguille du Tour is a perfect first mountainering experience in the Alps. Also, it is a great climb if you are looking to attempt bigger challenges in the area. The normal route to the summit, with snow and mixed terrain, is technically easy.  You can climb it either from the Albert Premier hut on the French side, or from the Trient Hut, on the Swiss side. Take your pick from our selection below! Explore-Share only promotes trips led by certified mountain guides.


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There are two main approaches for the Aiguille du Tour, one from the French side and one from the Swiss side. Neither one is particularly challenging and both take you along the glacier, avoiding cairns and crevasses until you reach the final ascent. From here, there is a pretty easy climbing section before reaching the summit. Along with the main summit, there are also two minor summits (the Aiguille du Pissoir and the Aiguille Purtscheller), both of which make for great detours, if you have the chance.



Good to Know


What’s the weather like?

During the summer months, the weather is generally clear and calm. The Aiguille du Tour is one of the smaller peaks on the massif, but is glaciated and remains below freezing throughout the year. Due to the unique location of the massif, the peak is also prone to sudden storms.




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How long should I stay?

Climbing to the top and back down only takes about one-day. However, some guides offer the Aiguille du Tour as a warm up other, tougher, climbs on the massif.

Country Code

+41 (Switzerland) and +33 (France)

Best time to visit

The best time to visit for mountaineering is from July to September.




What People Say

  • 5 reviews


Julia was great! She let me explore myself and challenged me at the same time. She helped me to develop
my mountaineering skills at my level. She respected my wishes and selected the best projects. I really enjoyed 3 days of mountaineering with Julia 👍.
Ce voyage était une formidable expérience. C’était la première fois que je faisais de l’alpinisme et tous s’est bien passé.
C’était parfaitement adapté à notre niveau. Et puis le guide était génial. C’était super de faire ça entre père et fils sans les mamans. Ca donnait au voyage une ambiance particulière. 🙂
Ce périple de 4 jours où l’on était 4 paires de pères et fils a été juste magnifique ! Cette
ascension de l’Aiguille du Tour a permis de nous réunir et de nous souder encore plus. Parfois on a du subir les grognements des autres participants mais bon, cela fait partie du jeu. Enfin, si une telle expérience était à refaire, je le ferais les yeux fermés.
I lived a fabulous mountaineering experience together with my guide Julia and 13 years old godson. It was the first time
I walked with crampons on a glacier at the bottom of Aiguille du Tour. I didn’t expect this great feeling of meditating while walking surrounded by amazing views. Thank you so much Julia for your kindness and professionalism, highly appreciated! And thank you Expore-Share.com for putting us together! Guillaume
Nous avons tous vécu une formidable expérience lors de notre montée au sommet de l’Aiguille du Tour. L’ambiance et l’entraide
entre père et fils nous a permis d’atteindre le sommet. Ce voyage nous a permis de découvrir l’alpinisme car aucun des fils n’en avait encore fait. Le lever de soleil sur les Alpes est juste fantastique, c’est un souvenir inoubliable. Le beau temps nous a permis d’observer les sommets les plus connus des Alpes. Ce voyage fut inoubliable et j’espère encore pouvoir en faire pendant les années à venir.

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