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Pristine peaks in a white wilderness, majestic mountains glazed in snow

Climb among the land of extremes while discovering the breathtaking beauty of Antarctica. Absorb yourself in the majestic white wilderness in the distant south while mountain climbing on some of the highest peaks not only on the continent but on Earth, such as Mount Vinson, one of the iconic Seven Summits. Visit between December and January for prime mountaineering conditions.


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Home of many extremes, the continent of Antarctica is the coldest, driest and windiest continent in the world. Positioned around the South Pole, almost its entire territory is glazed over by the world’s largest ice sheet that is on average 1.6 kilometres thick. It is one of the remotest landscapes on Earth and features breathtaking scenery of its white wilderness.



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What's the weather like?

The continent is mostly a polar desert receiving only 200 millimetres of precipitation every year. It can reach deep temperatures of -63°C.

Best time to visit

Visit between December and January for prime mountaineering conditions.




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