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Mountaineering trips – Argentina

Home of the Andes mountain range and the largest mountaineering point in South America

Argentina hosts a large part of the Andes mountains, the longest mountain range in the world. From north to south, in all its western border, this country of South America offers a wide variety of mountains and volcanoes for all levels, including the epic Mount Aconcagua (6962 m), the highest summit on Earth outside Asia. Mountain climbers and mountaineers from all around the world come to Argentina every year in search of memorable ascents… And they find them! Take a pick from our top selection of mountaineering programs in Argentina. Explore-Share only promotes trips led by certified mountain guides.

Frey Hut ski tour in 3 days with a guide

Ski Touring in Argentina | Intermediate | 3 days
Come ski around Frey Hut for 3 days. It is one of the most famous huts in Bariloche. Your guide will be local IFMGA Jorge, who will help you find the best slopes according to your level.