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Climb like a God and summit Mt. Olympus for an historic mountaineering program in the wilds of Greece!

Whether you are taking the ultimate Greek challenge and heading up Olympus, or taking on one of the other peaks like Mt. Giona or Mt. Smolikas, you are sure to have an amazing challenge waiting for you. The waterfalls associated with the Pindus Range, as well as the old forests flourishing in the northeast along the Bulgarian border, add to the epic scenery that accompanies every climb in the remarkable country of Greece.

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Greece is a country in Southeastern Europe, consisting of roughly 6,000 islands just off the shore of its mainland. The rocky and rugged terrain is perfect for mountaineering, offering more than 300 peaks to climb. The Pindus Range extends down through the country and even as far as the island of Crete. About 300 mountain ranges have summits over 2,000 meters, making for legitimate ascents and jaw-dropping views. The marble, gneiss, and granite intrusions that exist in the ancient geology offer particularly craggy regions, in and around heavily forested regions. Climbers will be close to the amazing and unique wildlife of the country, which includes bears, lynxes, deer, and wild goats.



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A Mediterranean climate dominates Greece, with mountainous regions having an alpine climate. Snowfall can be heavy during cold winter months, with more severe weather patterns. Summers, when not pleasant, can trend towards uncomfortably hot in some low-lying areas.




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Athens International Airport connects directly with London, Paris, Frankfurt, Moscow, New York, and Istanbul. Bus service within the country can get you to Mt. Olympus, Thessaloniki, and even Sofia or Tirana. This makes up for the inefficient rail system. Ferry rides may also serve as viable and scenic options for transit.

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May through October serves as the best time for mountaineering programs, though it may be busy and hot during peak summer months.




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Good trip, but Babis did not allow for his perhaps unusual clients. He was too keen to do everything at
super-fast speed, and get to the refuges early. A slower pace would have suited us better. Also he did not brief us adequately on what to expect, and give advice on facilities and rules of the refuges.

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