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Straddling Georgia and Russia, layered with lava and coated with legends

Mount Kazbek (5033m) lies on the border between Georgia and the Russian Federation. It is the second highest volcano in the Caucasus after Mount Elbrus (5642 m), the highest summit in Europe. Kazbek is a stunning peak and a very popular challenge for mountaineers. The normal route is not technically difficult. However, it may be quite challenging, due to altitude and rapidly changing weather conditions. Take your pick from our selection below and enjoy a great adventure in the Caucasus Mountains! only promotes trips led by certified guides.  


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Located in the Kazbegi District of Georgia on the northern border with Russia, Mount Kazbek is the seventh-highest summit in the Caucasus Mountains, and the second-highest volcanic summit on the mountains after the giant of Mount Elbrus. The mountain is a dramatic feature of the nearby town of Stepantsminda, well known as a centre for trekkers heading through the alpine meadows. It also attracts horse riders, paragliders, bike riders. What’s more, the winter months on Mount Kazbek present the perfect conditions for ski touring.



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What’s the weather like?

As an isolated high mountain, Kazbek is subjected to sudden weather changes. The weather is more stable in summer, with little rainfall and regular sunny days. Yet the second half of September witnesses a series of cyclones.




The official currency is the Georgian Lari (GEL).

How long should I stay?

A typical climb of Mount Kazbek lasts approximately 6 days. But there is a variety of interesting places to explore that surround the area, which can keep you there for 3-4 weeks. After conquering Georgia’s third highest peak, take advantage of the area and explore the nearby Truso Valley, home to majestic mineral springs, a rapid river and natural pools. Or visit the steep granite walls that flank the Darial Gorge, carved by the torrent of the river Terek.

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Best time to visit

It’s possible to climb Mount Kazbek all-year round, yet the most convenient time is summer, from June to September.




What People Say

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(1) We are all very happy with the experience. Everyone got a real feeling to at least some of the
mountaineering life aspect. (2) Guides were all great and we had a great time + learned quite a bit in a very short time. (3) We got as far as each of us could this time. One of us reached the summit – others had to stop at different stages – but that is all part of the adventure. Overall very happy and definitely see a value in a service like Explore-Share.
Zigmars Rudzitis for Climbing Mount Kazbek in Caucasus
Ilia was a wonderful mountaineering guide 🙂 I can’t wait to climb again with him next year ! JL
We had a marvellous journey with Ilia. He managed everything from airport to airport. As part of being a wonderful guide
with a lot of knowledge about his country and his nature he is also a very kind person to deal with. The Kazbek ascend is a beautiful trip, I recommend to every mountain lover. The region, the mountain, the food and the kindness of the people makes it perfect.
We had the chance to climb Mount Kazbek in Georgia last July under a wonderful weather. It was a real
pleasure to make this tour with Ilia, who was extremely professional, efficient and safety-driven all along the journey. It was also very pleasant to discuss with him to discover more about Georgia and the surroundings
… Although we didn’t achieve what we intended to (due to limited time we had in Georgia and bad weather),
we were happy. It was one of the most amazing experiences we had so far and without a shadow of a doubt, we will come back to complete our mission. We will climb the giant of dreams. If you are looking for an incredible, experienced guide, contact Explore Share and ask for Ilia. He studied mount climbing at university and he certainly knows his stuff.
The trip was great thanks and Ilia was amazing! Such a competent and knowledgeable guide. We actually got caught in
white out blizzard near the summit and he led us out with great confidence. I would highly recommend him as a guide and he was great company to boot!
I spent 4 amazing days with Ilia, the most skilful, experienced, adorable guide. He showed me many different places in
Mtskheta-Mtianeti région. From Snow to rocks, we fully benefit the Caucasus mountains. It was an unforgettable experience !

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