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The mountaineering options found in Slovenia will take you to incredible heights, always surrounded by beautiful landscapes. You can take the route to Mount Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia located in the Julian Alps, or to many other popular peaks in the Karavanke mountain range. In Slovenia you will find itineraries adapted to your experience and tastes. As for the Julian Alps, this extensive network of roads takes you to the highest peaks. Some trails pass through the Tamar glacier valley, others seem to be trapped between precipices or take you through the plateaus covered with forests, such as Jelovica and Pokljuka. Regarding Karavanke, the longest mountain range in Slovenia, you can enjoy incredible panoramic views, mountains, valleys and deep gorges. Find then your next mountaineering destination in our selection of top programs. Explore-Share only promotes mountain trips led by certified guides. 

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Climbing Mt. Triglav with Mitja and Roks was a truly enjoyable experience for me that I would cherish forever. They are extremely organized, helpful and full of humor that made the difficult journey to the top so easy. Even though I was the slowest in the group, they made sure that I reach safely to the destination and enjoy the trek thoroughly. Mitja’s repeated advice on being relaxed and not to think much over the hurdles on the path while trekking was one of the valuable takeaways. And I thank them thousand times for offering such a memorable trip in Triglav. For those who are thinking of climbing Mt. Triglav, I can reccommend Mitja and Roks anytime as guides to have a safe and comfortable journey.

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Mitja is a well qualified expert guide, jbut more than that, he’s a good people-person and risk manager. While he’s introducing you to the countryside during the steadily incling walk up the former glacier/Kemal valley, he’s also assessing each of the groups’ strengths and weaknesses, forming sub-groups based on the optimal mix and the weather conditions. Even though he does this twice a week in Summer, you can tell he loves his work and interacting with people. The when we’ve arrived at the 2000m hut, he switches into safety, security and risk manager mode behind the scenes to ensure the final 800m via-feratta ascent to the summit goes without a hitch and to ensure each ‘guest’ gets maximum outcomes. To do this he uses a team of guides (Rok, Igor, etc) who take 3/4 guests and rope you together for the final climb up Triglav. I have to say, while I have a fear of heights (yet I’ve parachuted and abseiled/respelled) and my butterflies and toes were tingling all the way up, I felt very safe and secure throughout. My grand daughter was also born that day so I yelled a welcome to the world message off the top of Triglav for her. What a great day on many levels. Thx Mitja and team

  • (5)

Really nice experience

Rafael Smijtnk for Climbing Mount Triglav (2864m)
  • (5)

Leaving climbing Mt Triglav until late 50s and my nervousness about heights are both understatements. However at all times with Mitja and his crew of expert full-time guides (Rok, Igor and another) I felt in highly experienced, safe and capable hands. We had perfect weather so walked to top hut near Triglav and summitted in one day. It was challenging, scary and highly rewarding. I was in a mixed age and abilities group of 13, some of whom were ill-prepared mentally (some delusional that they were going out for an easy two day Hill walk) and physically. But all made it to the top easily and triumphantly. Well done Mitja and guide crew. Thanks Ash

  • (5)

It was the first day with “autumn weather “ since summer started. Mitja tried his best to make the right decision for us about when to go to the summit. We went the first day, unfortunately without a view from the summit but it was a good decision as the next day was very windy and freezing cold.

Gloves, hat, poles were provided by Mitja. He us on a different way back so we would still have a great view almost similar to the one on the top, this route was amazing! Thanks Mitja It was super!

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Robert Buckland for Climbing Mount Triglav (2864m)
  • (5)

Well organised
Great trip!
Pack light but for all the elements
Mitja provides all the technical kit

Carly Stretton for Climbing Mount Triglav (2864m)
  • (5)

We had a fantastic experience climbing Triglav via the Blato Meadow, the seven lakes valley and back. We got the best of both worlds, hiking on our own to the Dolic Hut and back from the Planika hut, meant we could enjoy the scenery and wildlife at our own pace. But meeting Marco and having his expertise, harnesses, helmets and advice for the via farrata, ascent and descent of Triglav, was fantastic. We definitely felt safe and in good hands.

  • (5)

As soon as we decided to spend our holiday in Slovenia, we wanted to climb Mount Triglav. We both love hiking, but didn’t have any climbing experience, mostly because of the lack of mountains in the Netherlands ;). Therefore we searched for a guided trip and found the two-day trip through The Seven Lakes Valley on Explore-Share. Mitja was not available on the date we preferred, so Blaz Stres was our designated guide.
The e-mail contact prior to the trip immediately felt good, Blaz closely monitored the weather forecast so we wouldn’t be raided by a thunderstorm or heavy rain. Our trip started at 5am and during the trip we gradually found out what an experienced mountaineer Blaz is. While we struggled on the steep parts and had to catch our breath several times, Blaz strolled with one hand in his pocket, totally at ease. At a certain point the weather got a bit rebellious and we walked in the rain for 3,5 hours (rain is something we DO have in the Netherlands, so nothing we couldn’t handle), but after a while we were totally soaked. Blaz kept reminding us to only have quick breaks and keep on going, because hypothermia was looking around the corner. Eventually we arrived at the Dolic hut, where we would stay overnight, and it took us a while to get dry and warm again.
The next day we started our climb to the top, Blaz explained everything and helped us with the climbing gear. We climbed for 1,5 hour and suddenly we saw Blaz standing before us, with his outstretched hand and a big smile on his face, saying: “Congratulations, you made it to the top!”.
Although we were pretty fast going up, our descent was rather slow because of a twisted knee, but Blaz kept us motivated (“It’s always an hour”, “We really ARE getting closer!” and “It’s only 100 horizontal meters”). When we finally got back to the car, with very muddy shoes, Blaz showed us the ultimate Slovenian hospitality by letting us put our feet in a garbage bag.
For a safe, fun and unforgettable climb on Mount Triglav, we recommend everyone to do a guided trip with Blaz!

  • (5)
Javier Sagastizabal for Climbing Mount Triglav (2864m)
  • (5)

Our guide Marko was excellent – friendly and patient. Would highly recommend this!

  • (5)

Beautiful and challenging hike with superb guide. I can recommend booking this hike with Mitja and his team. With their supper we have been able to enjoy every step. Cheers, Michiel

  • (5)

I had an amazing time climbing Triglav; the weather was perfect on both days, the scenery from the valley to the summit is just outstanding, and Mitja was an awesome guide.

Alistair Robertson for Climbing Mount Triglav (2864m)
  • (3)

We had some trouble because of Bad weather. 

MASAKATSU FUJITA for 1-day climbing trip to Mt Triglav
  • (5)

I really enjoyed the the climb of Triglav from Krma valley with Mitja, he is an excellent leader with so much mountain knowledge, years of experience and so much patience! I joined a group of 7 other climbers so was a great way to meet like minded outdoors enthusiasts. It was my first time using the via ferrata system – a safe and fun way to summit and reaching the top of Triglav with the group was exilerating! I would definitely recommend Mijta and joining a group to climb Triglav.

  • (5)

We started our climb from Krma valley. The hike to the mountain hut took us (group of 8) 5 hours. Mitja was really talkative answering all of our questions. He also hold a good pace and knew when a break was necessary. We reached the summit in the evening, but with other guide because 4 person per one guide was allowed. The trip was really enjoyable and the views were amazing. Also to note out that the price for the mountain hut is not included in the price showed on the webpage.

Anneli Antsmaa for Climbing Mount Triglav (2864m)
  • (5)

This was a great trip. It was challenging enough to be interesting but easy enough for all the family. The option of staying in the hut after lunch for those not wanting to do the summit worked well. Igor was great.


  • (5)

I would highly recommend Igor as a guide. He was patient, knowledgeable and all around nice guy. The scenery was beautiful and the hike was a lot of fun. Definitely a must do!

  • (5)

We had a wonderful trip up Mt Triglav with Marko. He was a fantastic guide, setting an excellent pace and looking after us all very well on the mountain and in the hut, bringing us our meals etc. He even played card games with us, and won them all, which my children thought was very funny!

Heather Butcher for Climbing Mount Triglav (2864m)
  • (5)

We enjoyed it a lot! It was really amazing and we were overwhelmed with the views. The guides Igor and Rok were really good, trustworthy and relaxed and easy-going. They told a lot about the nature and environment. Besides this they took good care of the group. We had a great time!
Thank you so much for this experience!
Lies and Anne