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Easy access to some of the world's top rock climbing areas

Barcelona, a beautiful city of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, is at a short distance of some of the finest rock climbing areas in the world. Here, rock climbing can be practiced all-year-round, in routes for all levels and types of climbing, from trad climbing to bouldering.

The Montserrat massif has over a thousand routes for all levels, including big walls, sport climbing crags and needles. Heading to the Catalan pre-Pyrenees,  you’ll find high-quality limestone and sandstone routes for multi-pitch and single-pitch climbing in Vilanova de Meia, Terradets gorge and Collegats. On the Mediterranean coast, the Costa Brava allows granite and limestone climbs with breathtaking views.

Ready to live an unforgettable rock climbing experience in Barcelona? Then choose one of the programs selected below. Explore-Share only promotes trips led by certified mountain guides.


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The Montserrat is a coastal mountain range that surrounds the city of Barcelona. It is here that most of the city’s rock climbing activities are located. The Montserrat present a diverse range of different types of climbs ranging from simple single-pitch ascents, to longer and more difficult multi-pitch climbs, meaning there is something for rock climbers of all levels. The Cavall Bernat is important rock feature here that is particularly popular with climbers from all over.



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What’s the weather like?

The weather in and around Barcelona is hard to beat. During the summer, the average temperature runs from 25ºC to 30ºC with fewer than seven days of rain per month. Even in the winter temperatures are above 10ºC and rain is more likely but still rare.


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How long should I stay?

This depends on how much free time you have. Most guides offer one-day rock climbing excursions with an option to extend the trip for another day or two. Other guides offer trips that last up to one-week.

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Best time to visit

The best time for rock climbing around Barcelona is from April to September, but many guides offer tripes year round.




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  • 54 reviews


Toti was very knowledgeable about the climbing in the area and was able to pick fantastic routes suitable for my
skill level. I had a great time.
Marc has complete dominion over the english language, and was very communicative over emails and ensured we had a safe
and fun climb. He’s a local and knows the topology incredibly well. Incredible experience!
Cesc was a fantastic guide who took us on a great adventure in a beautiful location. I highly recommend.
My day of climbing with Marc was the highlight of my trip to Catalunya! I felt safe the entire time
because he knew what he was doing and did a great job of teaching me. It was my first time doing any multi-pitch climbing and his instructions, tips, and supervision was perfect. He speaks excellent English. Marc helped me develop a lot as a climber. He knew the ins and outs of the routes we took and made the climbing experience very tailored to me – we climbed three routes in one day and I was exhausted by the end, in the best way possible. Marc brought along a camera and took about 40 great pictures during the climb which he emailed me the same evening. I appreciated that a lot because I wanted to share the experience with my family. The views are amazing in Montserrat too and the hike up (optional) was a nice warmup and fun. You can also take the Funicular, but it starts pretty late in the morning. The rock was super really fun to climb on because of how diverse the holds were and I felt the route ratings were very accurate. Great protection, but not a lot of exposure, depending on the route (lots of low angle slab, especially at the start of routes). Marc knew the larger area too. Unfortunately, it rained on one day, but we were going to go to another mountain range, which I was very excited for, the second day. I would 100% climb again with Marc and plan to if I am ever in Spain again. It was an absolutely amazing experience in great part because of him. Thank you, Marc!
Climbing with Marc at Montserrat was awesome! He contacted us before the trip to get an idea of what our
experience was, and what we hoped to get out of the trip, and he used the info to help design the perfect climbing day for us! We felt completely safe climbing under his guidance. Very nice guy, we had a great time with him. He was also kind enough to capture action photos of us during the climb. Also, the location is undeniably gorgeous. It made for an unforgettable and truly life-changing experience! I absolutely would recommend Marc, to climbers of any level!!
Francesc was awesome. He brought us on our first multi pitch. He made arriving at the belay stations and eventually
repelling super simple and safe feeling. The climbs he took us on we’re awesome and would have taken us hours to find if we just arrived at a new crag with a guide book (especially if the book was in Spanish) Definitely the highlight of our honeymoon.
Marc is a great guide. He was very professional, patient and super-friendly 🙂 Thanks for the memorable adventure!
Had a great day climbing with Carlos. He’s knowledgeable about, and devoted to, the sport. I only had a single
day during my trip to Spain to climb and was looking to get on some of the best sport routes in the area – and Carlos did not disappoint. As a guide he was skilled and safe, ensuring that we had a shared understanding of the safety systems. As a climbing partner he was insightful in recommending routes, providing beta, and the softest of catches. We chatted the whole time about the sport and the industry and the various features of routes. Highly recommend Carlos as a climbing guide if you’re in the Barcelona area and I will definitely look him up again next time I’m in Spain without a belay.
Excellent guide! I would recommend to anyone looking to climb in Montserrat! The perfect route was picked for my
ability and I had a great day out with Francesc.
This trip was the highlight of my week. Toti was very helpful and knowledgeable, and really made the day great.
Everything about this trip was amazing. The only thing I felt could be better was about what to expect and
/ or bring for the day. We had a good idea of what was needed being climbers already but beginners may not.
Carlos was great!!!. Highly professional with great attitude. Connected very well with our kid. and it is very clear that
he made any effort to make sure we will enjoy our time together. highly recommend!!!
Climbing in Catalonia was filled with a lot of sends and copious amounts of laughter. Mirium is a bad ass
woman guide!! She is simply amazing! I had a wonderful time checking out diff crags in Catalonia and would def recommend this trip. If you want to explore diff crags in Catalonia this is for you!! Mirium worked around my climbing ability and recommended climbs that was fun but challenging at the same time. I had an amazing time and I loved Mirium as my guide!!
Great guide! Excellent knowledge and preparation, easily adapted to our schedule, but also challenged us. I learned a lot from
Carlos 🙂 thanks again!
It was great
Hoy hemos finalizado el curso de Nivel Inicial con Marc en Montserrat!! De nuevo, ha sido una jornada muy agradable.
Marc es un profesional en la materia, nos ha hecho pasar un día de escalada estupendo y quedarnos con ganas de repetir! Sin duda, recomendado 100%!
Toti was a phenomenal guide. He led us to many fun sport climbs and coached us to improve our
climbing. He also taught us new techniques for multi pitch climbing and rappelling. 10/10 would reccomend again.
Moltes gràcies al Marc per la paciencia i les ganes amb les que ens va ensenyar la seva passió per
l’escalada esportiva. Ha estat una experiencia increible. Un cap de setmana d’esport, riures i natura. Segur que tornarem a estar en contacte per properes sortides.
Toti is an expert on climbing and he knows how to improve our climbing skill and how to make us
enjoy climbing in Montserrat. Firstly I bit worry about email connection with him, but it was no trouble in the end. He also took us Montserrat viewpoints which was nice. I definitely recommend you to join this tour if you want to spend amazing time, not just seeing or hiking, but also more active and special. Thanks a lot Toti!

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