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Combine fitness, agility and mental fortitude to conquer steep summits!

It is only natural that the sport of rock climbing has become so popular recently. Seasonal climbing walls have sprouted up in urban centers. The world´s most daunting mountains, cliffs, and ravines have become as sought after as tropical white sand beaches. This amazing sport – along with the diverse types and varying difficulties – is finally getting the recognition that it so naturally deserves.

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Rock climbing is a tough, but rewarding sport that may be practiced by participants of all levels. From climbing boulders without a harness or belay system to using ice axes and crampons to summit a glacier, there are opportunities for everyone. Rock climbing can be practiced everywhere that there are mountains (and even in places without) and offers one of the best ways to be one with nature and feel like you are on top of the world. Climbing with certified guides is highly recommended because they can help improve your technique and show you the best routes to the most spectacular views.  



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Alex was a wonderful guide. He prioritized safety and suited the day’s activities to match our ability levels and interests.
Climbing in Suesca was a Highlight of our vacation
It was great, would recommend, 5/5 🙂
It was great, would recommend, 5/5 🙂
A great morning out with Carlos at Cala Moli! Beautiful setting. Carlos was very patient and conscious of everyone’s safety.
He was clear on his instructions and made it a great experience for us!
The trip was awesome. Anastasiya organised for us a great mountaineering course in the Ala Archa Valley. All went super
Absolutely fantastic day out in Montserrat mountains. Marc is super friendly and easy going and helped me to achieve my
goals while lead climbing. The area is also gorgeous with over 4000 routes to suit any skill level. Can not recommend enough!!
Beautiful climb on spectacular conglomerate rock. To top it off, Marc is very knowledgeable and friendly!
Cedric is a fantastic guide. He is helpful, friendly, very competent and caring. He made our time in Corsica very
enjoyable and we would love to organise another trip with him in the future.
We had a great experience with Mr.Enrico Geremia for our via ferrata trip up Marmolada. Enrico was a friendly guide
and did not compromise with any of the safety equipment. We felt secure all the while with Enrico. We would certainly recommend our friends who have plans to hike the Dolomites in the future to use this platform 🙂
Thank you for an awesome trip!
Our guides Danijela and Ferdo were fantastic! We learned a lot of great tips from them on climbing technique. They
always kept safety first and were a lot of fun. We couldn’t have asked for better guides and would highly recommend them to anyone. Climbing in the park was awesome.
Carlos was an excellent guide. He communicated well and we learned a lot about Spanish history and culture from him.
He took us to an awesome location so that I could propose to my partner!
We only have really glowing things to say about the trip and our guides. They were a lot of fun,
and extremely knowledgeable. They adjusted the plan as we went to pick routes we’d like the best and had great feedback on continuing improvement.
Both Marissa and I had a great time climbing with Francesc. He was knowledgeable, charming and fun to climb with!
Plus he taught us how to make pan con tomate :). One thing however, Cesc took some images with his camera (I cannot remember what he called it but it’s similar to a GoPro) and we were curious if we could get digital copies. Can you ask him about that? I would recommend this trip to anyone and everyone who is interested in climbing in Spain or anywhere in the world. Thanks!
Paklencia is a beautiful area to climb and Danijela was very knowledgeable and fun to climb with. I would definitely
come back again!
We had a really great time in Ala Archa with Anastasiya. The landscape is beautiful und full of possibilites for
mountaineering. Anastasiya is a great guide with a lot of experience. We had a lot of fun and felt safe every moment, plus we learned a lot of new stuff and were able to deepen our small knowledge of mountaineering. Razek Hut is a basic hut, but provides everything you need on a mountain, including fresh water from a waterfall 🙂 We hope to see this area and Anastasiya again in future

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