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Combine mountaineering and ski touring for an epic adventure!

Discover the best way to see the ups and downs of a mountain! Ski mountaineering is ascending a mountain via skis, or carrying them, and then skiing back down it. This remarkable sport combines the thrill of mountaineering with the rush of backcountry skiing to create a satisfying and all-encompassing mountain experience. It is popular worldwide, and has different skill levels for every type of adventurer.

The best way to get started on a tour is to find a guide RIGHT HERE to safely take you to your dream destination. From the remote wilderness of the Yukon Territory to the iconic Mont Blanc massif, there is bound to be a trip that is perfect for you!


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Ski mountaineering combines the requisite skills for both mountaineering and ski touring into one sport. Though quite physically and technically challenging, ski mountaineering allows you to get away from the chair lifts and explore some of the lesser-known winter landscapes of classic destinations. Whether it is a one-day climb and descent or a one-month expedition, ski mountaineering is about as diverse as winter sports come. Be sure to travel with a guide though, in order to maximize your safety and enjoyment. Due to the remote nature of the sport it is important to bring avalanche safety gear and know how to use it.



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Cveto guided my boyfriend and I up Mt Fuji. Our trip up was great, a beautiful day with good
views. Cveto kept us at a good pace that felt comfortable and relaxed. We spent some time at the top admiring the view and the crater of Fuji. We skied/snowboarded down and had a fun adventure navigating the terrain. Cveto was safe and knowledgable and we were happy he was our guide! Thank you! Its a trip we wont forget!
Cveto was a verry professional and good gide. We had a really hard tour lasting 13 hours, but it was
worth it. Standing allone with your gide on top of fuji san and overlooking the entire tokyo bay is a breathtaking expirience one will never forget.
Clemens Wainig for Mount Fuji (3776 m) ski descent

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