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Skin up and head out to Southern Europe for the ski touring adventure of a lifetime in the mountains of Albania!

At the center of the Albanian Alps are some of the wildest runs for ski touring in Europe, so experiencing the areas around the mountains of Ros, Popluk, and Korab in their current rugged state is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Combine the jagged peaks with high lakes, scenic valleys, and charming cultural communities, and you have a recipe for a great Albanian ski touring expedition.

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Albania, located in Southeast Europe, is a outdoor recreation mecca. Bordering the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Montenegro and Kosovo in the north, Macedonia to the east, and Greece to the South, it is replete with glittering lakes, long rivers, and majestic valleys. Each of these natural features compliments the Prokletije, known as the Albanian Alps, which have made a name for themselves as a haven for skiers and mountain athletes. The Drin and the Mat in the north, as well as the iconic lakes of Ohrid and Prespa in the southeast, have nurtured a gorgeous setting that allows for pristine ski touring in untouched nature. Runs tend to be steep, and glaciated terrain in the north can pose dangers. Tree-lined runs and open glades are also common objectives between the peaks of Albania.



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Winters are cold and snowy with volatile weather. The region is also substantially wet, while the summers can be warm and dry - particularly along the coast.




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How to Get There

Flying into Tirana is the most common way to enter Albania. For trips in the north, the Kukes International Airport is also an option. Buses are the preferred mode of transportation within the country, though a cheap train service connects Tirana and Durres. Buses connect the capital with Shkodra, Berat, Korca, and Vlora.

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The winter months from December to March offer the best ski touring conditions, with February as the busiest time to visit.




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