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Conquer the picturesque polar wonderland of the Arctic

Slip on the skis, accustom to the cold, and tour the breathtaking landscapes of the Arctic. Traverse the intense and remote wilderness that presents both world-class skiing opportunities and overwhelming beauty. Acres of white powder stretch beyond the eye line, ready to be explored. Visit in April for ideal ski touring conditions.


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The icy Arctic is located in the northernmost point on Earth in the polar region. it comprises chunks of Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Canada and Alaska, as well as containing the Arctic Ocean. It features a mostly treeless landscapes, permafrost terrain and receives heavy fallings of snow. Despite its severe climate, some communities have persisted inhabiting its lands and built their own cultures, such as the peoples of Chukchi, Nenets, Sami and Eskimo.



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What's the weather like?

The climate is heavily characterised by long cold winters and short cool summers. Average temperatures during winter is around -40°C.

Best time to visit

Visit in April for ideal ski touring conditions.




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