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Explore some of South America's greatest peaks by ski touring through the mountains of Bolivia!

The Bolivian Andes are a spectacular place for any adventure, but cruising up and down the bodacious backcountry on skis is a feat unlike any other. With picturesque peaks like Illimani (6,438m), Huayna Potosi (6,088m), and Janq’u Uyu (5,512m), you will be picking your jaw up out of the snow the entire trip from immaculate views of high altitude valleys, lakes, and meadows. The Cordillera Real has a ton of unforgettable runs and lines that will surely haunt your dreams long after you leave Bolivia.


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Bolivia is a landlocked country in South America known for its cultural charm and abundant wilderness. Ski touring in this part of the Andes Mountains provides high altitude peaks (think over 6,000 meters) and incredible views across the country. Lake Titicaca is a stunning feature on the border with Peru, relatively close to the skiing destinations. Wildlife includes the alpaca and thousands of other species, as well as extremely diverse flora. There is a ski resort on Chacaltaya with what is considered the highest restaurant in the world. Much of the skiing in Bolivia is best done as ski touring because of the exciting challenges and objectives for mountaineers. Be prepared for exhilarating terrain that is steep, narrow, and challenging.



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The weather varies by altitude and region in Bolivia. The Andes see a Polar climate, with heavy snow in winter. Humid, warm summers are common in the east, while the west is dry through autumn. The weather is heavily influenced by El Nino and climate change.




Boliviano (BOB)

How to Get There

Direct flights from Miami to La Paz and Santa Cruz are great for North American entry. Santiago, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Bogota, and Sao Paolo all directly connect to La Paz and/or Santa Cruz. Brazil also connects to Bolivia via railway, which also connects the various locations within the country. Buses supplement domestic travel in Bolivia.

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December through April are generally the best months to ski through Bolivia, with some wiggle room at the beginning and end of the season.




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