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Finland is a cold and slightly mysterious country in Northern Europe, its landscape dominated by icy plains, forests and waterways. Ski touring around this fascinating country is an interesting and brilliant way to understand and unlock its secrets.

Finland is a country that conjures up images of cold, snowy landscapes as far as the eye can see, with forests, lakes and rivers abound and the truly epic region of Lapland covering the North.

The entire country is essentially a ski touring playground, as the Winters provide fresh, deep powder every day and its relatively sparse population results in as much space as one can imagine to ski tour on.

Take a pick from our selection of ski touring trips in Finland, and take the plunge!


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Finland has an insane amount of pristine, untouched and virgin landscape, scenery and terrain, with the middle and North of the country remaining an expansive, captivating and beautiful land.

The capital city of Helsinki is the best place to fly in to before your ski touring journeys, as it is the biggest city in the country and provides transport to all areas of the country.

Some of the ski touring can be very challenging and difficult, so being very fit and in good shape before arriving will maximise enjoyment of the activity.



Good to Know



Cold for most of the year, with the temperature in Winter months almost permanently below freezing. The further North one goes the more extreme the cold weather gets.





How to get there

Flights to Helsinki from most major European hubs.

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Best time to visit

November-April, when the snowfall is heaviest and weather coldest.




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