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Enjoy deep powder snow in the remote Caucasus Mountains

Hit the slopes of Gudauri ―the country’s premier ski resort―, ski down from the top of Mount Kazbek or go off-the-beaten-track to the isolated Svaneti region.



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Ski touring in Georgia combines outstanding snow conditions, the beauty of some of Europe’s highest peaks in the Caucasus mountain range, and a diverse and exciting culture. This is a destination for those who want to venture beyond the classic ―and sometimes very crowded and expensive― European ski venues. The ski scene has been rapidly developing since the 1990’s. Until now, there are four ski resorts in the country: Gudauri ―the most famous―, Mestia (Svaneti), Bakuriani and the most recent, Goderdzi (Adjara). With a laid-back atmosphere, a strong passion for food and wine, and a friendly spirit, Georgia is an ideal place for a relaxing vacation.



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What’s the weather like?

Winters in Georgia are quite stable, with temperatures between 2-4ºC and excellent snow conditions. During the night, temperatures can drop below 0 degrees. In Svaneti, snowfall can begin as early as September, while on the rest of the country usually starts in November.




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How long should I stay?

Ski touring trips in Georgia require several days, specially if you intend to reach the most isolated areas of the country. One to 2 weeks is an ideal time to make the most of the country’s winter season.

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Best time to visit

The ski season in Georgia runs between December to April, though you can enjoy ski touring till May in some places.




What People Say

  • 23 reviews


Poor weather but nice guide

Very great and save Skitouringdays in due consideration to snow- and weather conditions. Many thanks to your guide Giorgi!!

Febuary 2018: We had a great time skiing the pist and offpist in and around Gudauri ski resort. We had a bit of change of plans and the guide (Lasha) was really flexible and accommodating to our wishes and needs. Lasha our guide from explore-share was highly competent ski guide and great companion.

My goal was to go powder snowboarding. Due to weather we could not move up to higher ground and therefor main part of the time was spent in the actual pist. I guess that was a very expensive way of experience the normal pists (since mountain guide was the most expensive part on location). This is how it can be and no blame on your organisation. I did however, experienced a couple of really nice off pist/powder rides without the guide later that week so I am satisfied with the total experience.

Ilia is a great guide at every level you would expect from a guide when you are traveling abroad. He is very cautious, He takes time to explain and emphasis what are the safety requirements. He is young but knows already deeply the Caucasus mountains. He is friendly and fluent in English but most of all he consistently tries to find the best for his customers and to make them enjoy their stay. Long story short, I deeply recommend him to anyone expecting an unforgettable trip.

With a constant eye for safety, he made us enjoy the purest snow of the domain thanks to his knowledge of the mountains. His communication skills are very good and his sense of humour only gets better with a glass of chacha. I highly recommend Ilia for any group of people wanting to combine great ski and safety.

Ilia is a great guide! He took into account our expectations and managed to fulfil them completely. He speaks English fluently. At the beginning of our trip, he gave us a nice training on how to react in case of avalanches. I had a few similar training before, but this one was much better and practical

Ilia is a great guide both on a professional and on a personal level. He knows the Caucasus region like no one else. Very safe and committed to find great virgin slopes at the same time. He is friendly, dynamic and attentive to his clients wishes/desires. I warmly recommend him to anyone looking for a safe and groundbreaking adventure. 

Dear Ilia, we had a great time with you and although the snow conditions were far from perfect, you planned some great trips, took us for some sight seeing and made sure we had a good time. We had a good laugh together and were surprised by our delicious cave-dinner the last evening. Thanks so much, we’ll be back! Vera, David, Marlous and Gilbert

This January we were a group of 12 people coming to Gudauri for some touring and skiing and Ilia made sure we had the BEST OF TIMES! He was very flexible and listened to our every concern, and when he unfortunately had to deal with some other work stuff two of the days we were there, he set us up with two of his other guiding friends that also took wonderful care of us – Tato and Gio. The ski touring was great, the guides really took safety into concern and were both service-minded and had a lot of humour. In just the short time of a week we got invited into their culture and had an amazing time in Georgia, thanks to Ilia and his guides. I can not recommend them enough. Book now!!!

Best Heliboarding company ever! Top service, very professional and lovely people! Very recommendable!

Very professional guides, good organised staff, and they really have awareness of the local avalanche situations. I really felt safe at all the flights and endless powder runs .

Heliskir organizes the best heliskiing in the Caucasus. Good luck to them and all guests!

We went heli-skiing with the HELIKSIR PRO TEAM, it was just perfect, from the first minute we arrived, we felt the magic…
Perfect welcome, perfect security briefing, perfect material (ABS, Bieper), very clean chopper, perfect runs….we came back with a huge smile on our faces !
I can warmly recommend the Heliski Caucasus – Heliksir Ltd team if you are in Georgia and want to discover the powder of the great Caucasus.
Despite the lack of snow in the resort, we rode only pow !!
You will go home with a beautiful experience !

The best heliski company in the world. Recommend to everyone.

2012 was very good, 2014 awesome, looking forward to the next season adventure?

Extremely professional! Only the best equipment, best helicopters, best avalanche gear, very experienced guides – everything perfect! though this winter was the toughest since ages (too much wind, not enough snow) they found good runs for us for every day!! I can highly recommend it!

Top service. Very professional and friendly attitude. We will be back next year for sure!



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