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Ski touring in Greece is a great way to explore the snow capped mountains of this Mediterranean gem, find the perfect certified guide for your next adventure on Explore-share.com.

Although Greece is a famous travel destination for its history, culture and Mediterranean lifestyle, it is also one of the best kept ski secrets in Europe. With top ski spots like Mount Olympus, Mount Smolikas and the island of Crete, Greece offers options for every level. Choose from 53 mountains with altitudes over 2,000 meters, and 138 mountains with altitudes between 1,000 and 1,500 meters. Explore-Share.com only promotes trips led by certified mountain guides!


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Famous for its rich history, culture and mythology, Greece brings in travelers year round to discover its breathtaking sites and architectural landmarks. The Mediterranean lifestyle is also part of its appeal. However, it is less known for its ski touring opportunities. But that is the great thing about Greece, there’s always more to discover! Furthermore, the mountains you will get to ski on in Greece are non other than the homes of the mythological Gods which will add a whole new dimension to your ski touring experience. Also, because there are many mountains with varying altitudes and terrains, there is a perfect spot for every skier. As if that weren’t enough, the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea is sparkling at the feet of Greece. Ski touring in Greece is definitely an adventure you should opt for. Book a certified guide and discover the best places in Greece to make the best of this exhilarating sport!



Good to Know



The weather in Greece is Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and cold, wet, snowy winters.





How to get there

You can get to Greece by plane, on a cruise, or by car and ferry.

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Best time to visit

The best time to visit Greece for ski touring is during the winter months, between December and March. Late autumn and early spring are also good for ski touring.




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