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Discover the deep snow and never-ending adventures within the borders of the world’s largest island!

Located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, 80% of the island of Greenland is covered by a permanent ice cap. Greenland’s wild mountains — from its alpine ranges to its coastal peaks — provide some of the last sections of truly untouched ski touring terrain on Earth. Come explore its Arctic landscape and ski from summit to sea every day of your trip. Choose from our selection of trips below for an adventure you’ll never forget! Explore-Share.com only promotes mountain trips led by certified guides.


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Greenland is an immense island – the largest island that is not also a continent – with its own world of snow and ice. Though the glaciers are melting, it still remains one of the best locations on Earth for a personalized ski touring journey in untouched snow. Climate conditions and the lack of inhabitants make for ideal ski excursions. The limited access can be challenging, requiring experience, fitness, and a generally high level of proficiency in backcountry skiing. The highest mountain (Gunnbjorn Fjeld – 3,694m) is located in the Watkins Range. Sailing, sledding, and flying are frequently incorporated into ski touring programs for a well-rounded and unforgettable experience.



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What’s the weather like?

The weather is probably fairly close to what you would imagine it to be: cold. Generally speaking, the daily temperature averages are above freezing just two months of the year (July and August), and June’s average is right around zero degrees. The arctic climate means weather can change rapidly, though the air quality is considered immaculate.


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How long should I stay?

Greenland is huge, so a determined skier could spend more than a season descending its hidden slopes and secret runs. Its geographic seclusion make sustained expeditions common, with many trips lasting for a week or two. The terrain, weather, and isolation make it a great way for experienced skiers to enjoy a personal month-long adventure.

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Best time to visit

The spring and summer tend to offer the most accommodating conditions for a visit. The weather is less hostile in April and May, peaking into daily averages above freezing in July and August. Extreme temperatures and a challenging climate can make for more difficult expeditions for the remainder of the year.




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An excellent trip to a beautiful location. The guide, Guido, was outstanding. Due to weather conditions we
were not able to stay on the boat. Stayed in a hut instead which was very nice. Great skiing, amazing views, good food, great guiding and nice people. Highly recommend this trip. Cheers

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