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Lying in the majestic Caucasus Mountains, Mount Elbrus (5642 m) is the highest summit in Europe. It is situated in the Southern Russian Federation, near the border with Georgia. Come and reach the top of this mythical peak with a ski mountaineering expedition. After a high altitude acclimatization on different peaks and slopes, you will get to the summit of Elbrus on your skis. You need to have experience on the use of special ski touring and randonneé equipment if you want to be part of this adventure. Check out our selection of trips below and make your choice! only promotes mountain trips led by certified guides. 


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Located in the eastern part of the Caucasus Range, this dormant volcano towers 5.642 meters above sea level. Due to its location on the northern side of the Caucasus watershed, Mount Elbrus is technically on the European side of the continental divide, therefore making it the continent’s tallest mountain in Europe. Elbrus is covered in a permanent ice cap and receives plenty of snow during the spring, making it the ideal time for any ski touring adventure.



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What’s the weather like?

During the spring and early summer, weather on Mount Elbrus can be volatile. In March and April, it generally rains or snows for about half the month, meaning plenty of fresh powder higher up the mountain. It gets a bit clearer in May and June. Temperatures are pretty cold throughout the year and generally always below zero farther up the mountain, even in June.




Russian ruble. Although many guides accept both US dollars and Euros.

How long should I stay?

Most people spend about one or two weeks ski touring Mount Elbrus. This time frame largely depends on what you want to do. Some guides offer simple freeride skiing expeditions, where you go up to one of its slopes and head down while other guides offer ski mountaineering expeditions which require a longer preparation and acclimatization period.

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Best time to visit

The best time to ski tour on and around Mount Elbrus is from March to June. The best period for ski mountaineering, however, is May and June.




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Hi Ivan, Thank you so much for this expedition! Everyone went home safely. We succeeded with your help. Next time,
please come and go to Hokkaido powder!!!!! I am looking forward to seeing you again. Best regards, Aki
I spent an outstanding week in the region of Elbrus with Ivan. I am ski instructor and came with a mountain
guide friend, we enjoyed so much the professionalism, attention, good humor, enthusiasm of Ivan. From the first email exchanges, Ivan was very responsive and answered all my questions. The very good choice of ski touring itineraries for the preparation and acclimatization before the successfully climb of the Elbruz made this trip even more memorable. I will keep this week with Ivan a memory of the first order and eternal. Thank you so much Ivan.

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