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Discover the high-altitude wonder of the Himalayas and ski through some of the purest pockets of powder on a ski touring trip in Nepal!

With devoted sherpas, mountain yaks, sacred shrines, and high-flying prayer flags, what’s not to love about this mountainous country in Southeast Asia? Skiing in this breathtaking mountain chain is a dream come true for anyone. So skin up and head out into the majestic beauty of Nepal and ski tour at the top of the world!

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Nepal is located in Southeast Asia, mainly in the Himalayas. This multi-ethnic nation is a popular destination for mountaineers and is becoming increasingly popular for ski touring as well.

Thanks to its soaring summits, which include eight of the tallest mountains on the planet, the Nepalese Himalayas offer a wide variety of untouched and remote spots for ski touring. Awe-inspiring vistas and humbling panoramas can be expected, along with a unique abundance of unforgettable ski touring experiences.

Getting to the heart of Nepal is always better with someone who knows it inside and out, so booking a program with an experienced, certified guide is a must. Not only will a guide be able to point out the best ski touring spots, but they will also be able to arrange logistics and ensure safety.

Start planning your adventure and find your ski touring guide on to discover this unique and mystical land!



Good to Know



Nepal is considered to have five seasons: spring (February to May), summer (May to July), monsoon (June to September), autumn (September to December) and winter (December to February). The weather can be extremely volatile and unpredictable the higher you travel up the mountain.


There are 123 Nepalese languages spoken in Nepal as a mother tongue, Nepali is the official.


Nepalese rupee (NPR)

How to get there

The only international airport in Nepal is in Kathmandu, however, you can also arrange transport to Nepal from Dehli either by plane or bus.

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Best time to visit

For ski touring, the winter months between December and April are best.




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