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Discover a hidden world of first-class skiing in the splendid and stunning mountains of Anatolia on a ski touring adventure in Turkey!

With a rugged landscape just up from the Black Sea, incomparable scenery is boundless in Eastern Turkey. The surrounding Kackar Mountains have become a prime destination with accessible peaks, plateaus around 3,000 meters, and gorgeous forested and flowered terrain. Bounded by mountain ranges in every direction, including the Armenian Highlands and the Taurus Mountains, you will be able to find the perfect ski touring expedition everywhere you look in Turkey!

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Turkey is an exciting country at the crossroads of the world. Its eclectic collection of mountains make for a diverse selection of skiing options. The runs tend to be fairly rugged in most locations, often with complex access points and long approaches. Heliskiing is popular in the Pontic Mountains for this reason, providing a seamless reach into the most exciting rides, valleys, and plateaus. Istanbul even has a nearby ski area with some out-of-bounds and backcountry runs. The Uludag Ski Resort and its accompanying backcountry near Bursa is a quick answer for day trippers with snow on the mind. A cultural intrigue is present in all corners of Turkey so it is popular and common to enhance a ski touring program with an added flair of history.



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The winters can be harsh, particularly in the east, but that generally provides the best snow conditions. The mountain ranges keep the seasonal contrast severe in the center of the country.




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How to Get There

Istanbul is a major transportation hub, so flying there will allow you access to other parts of the country as well. It connects directly to most major European cities, as well as Singapore, New York, and Tokyo. Regional airports in Antalya and Trabzon will place you on the slopes of the Taurus and Pontic, respectively.

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January to March, though the season can begin in December and last through April.




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