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Featuring towering, snow-capped peaks, vast and expansive lakes, and close to the city of La Paz, Cordillera is a trekking paradise for anyone wanting to explore!

The Andes in Bolivia is a perfect place to find some of the most beautiful landscapes in South America. And although it is possible to simply go to some of the cities that are located in this mountain range and explore its surroundings, trekking has become an excellent option for tourists who want to see everything a little more closely and enjoy the local outdoors.

The Cordillera Real, just an hour far from La Paz, offers a wide variety of landscapes and trekking programs. There are tours of different duration, the most demanding ones take several days and take place mostly at 4000 meters in height or more. You can even pass through five or six peaks of its more than 600 summits.

So take a pick from our selection of trekking trips and come discover this fantastic mountain range. Explore-Share only promotes mountain trips led by certified guides.


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Located close by to the Bolivian capital of La Paz, Cordillera Real is a mountain range within the Andes that delivers spectacular and sweeping panoramic views over vast and tranquil valleys, all with the added bonus of relatively low trekking and hiking traffic.

The more illustrious and well-known sights along the rest of the Andes and in the country itself tend to attract more visitors, leaving hikers and trekkers here to experience the idyllic and beautiful landscapes in relative peace and quiet.

The sheer breadth of trekking options available mean there are paths available to people of all abilities, although a lot are at quite high altitudes, so acclimatization is recommended before attempting these.

Be sure to check out La Paz before or after your treks, as its street-carnival vibe and extraordinarily high setting makes it an unforgettable place to visit.

The daytime weather is consistent throughout the year, at about 17-18 degrees celsius, however during the Winter months the nighttime temperatures can drop below freezing. Rain is heaviest from December-February, so pack appropriate clothing to maximize your enjoyment!



Good to Know



Very consistent daytime temperatures of 17-18 degrees all year round, but nighttime in Winter tends to drop below freezing. Most chance of rain from December-February.


Spanish, Many indigenous languages


Bolivian Boliviano

How to get there

Most major South American airlines fly to La Paz. Numerous bus and car options from La Paz to Cordillera Real.

Country Code


Best time to visit

May to September, due to lesser chance of rain.




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