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Rise to the challenges of winter and ascend to new levels of adventure!

Explore the pristine wilderness of cold-weather destinations and experience an oft-overlooked aspect of nature! Scale the most heart-pumping objectives in their most inhospitable climate!


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Winter climbing is a healthy combination of ice climbing, glacier hiking, and mountaineering during the winter. Depending on your objective, it pertains to the activity of climbing ice and snow obstacles to safely accomplish a mountain ascent. It generally takes place when the weather is more volatile and less forgiving, and requires a substantial amount of care, preparation, and discipline. Sunlight is in shorter supply during this frigid season. Alpinists should take avalanche safety seriously and be prepared for less-than-ideal conditions, including difficult cornices and glacier traverses.

This adrenaline-pumping activity can include a relaxed afternoon working on fundamental ice climbing skills, or it can involve a dedicated multi-week journey to the top of an illustrious and iconic summit. It requires mountaineering and ice climbing equipment, from crampons and ice axes to belays, ropes, helmets, and harnesses. It is best done with a group and a guide is an invaluable part of any winter climbing adventure. Glacier travel is a common component of a winter climb, necessitating an understanding and respect for its safety practices and disciplines.



What People Say

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I’ve had a absolutely amazing time with Pawel, such a thrilling adventure. Learned a lot of techniques and I will definitely
go on another adventure with Pawel. He’s methods of teaching was excellent and he is so good at what he does. Thank so much for putting me in touch with him I can highly recommend him.
We had a wonderful time ice climbing despite some rather crazy weather conditions! Takao was great company, very clearly experienced
in the area and equipped with all necessary equipment. He was always on time and made exceptional efforts to get us out to the ice and back safely to Sapporo. The onsen, river crossing and thigh-high snow trek were as important as the actual climbing to the whole experience. We highly recommend and hope to be back to the area for summer climbing!
Well planned and brilliant communication before had, Mitja would reply to emails quickly and would answer any questions that we
had. The walk was fantastic, deffinatly a challenge. Highly recommended.
The trip was awesome. Anastasiya organised for us a great mountaineering course in the Ala Archa Valley. All went super
For our rock climbing week Andrey had put together a programm which was ideally tailored to our skills. He handled
everything in a very professional and trouble-free way. Under his guidance we learned a lot and gained confidence to undertake more challenging tours for ourselves in the future. At the same time, Andrey is also a really nice guy to hang out with. We had lots of fun during our tours and in the evenings. Thanks Andrey!
We had a really great time in Ala Archa with Anastasiya. The landscape is beautiful und full of possibilites for
mountaineering. Anastasiya is a great guide with a lot of experience. We had a lot of fun and felt safe every moment, plus we learned a lot of new stuff and were able to deepen our small knowledge of mountaineering. Razek Hut is a basic hut, but provides everything you need on a mountain, including fresh water from a waterfall 🙂 We hope to see this area and Anastasiya again in future
Dear Alex and Anastasiya, we want to thank you two for this awesome adventure! We want to thank you for
your patience (it’s not easy to handle such a crazy group of singers, laughers, crazy people 😉 ), your professionalism, your smiles, your warmth and your positive attitude! We will keep these days in our hearts and send think back to you two with a smile on our faces! Thank you. Matt, Susi, Mann Roberto
Anastasiya gave us an excellent introduction into climbing rock and ice. Systematic training and practice in base camp area and
on glacier. Mountains close to base camp for every level of skill. Good accomodation in simple hut, and tasty food in base camp kitchen. Kyrgystan and Ala Archa can be highly recommended as destination with reasonable prices and friendly people.
Excellent ! We had great time.
A good climb although weather wasn’t good and couldn’t see much at the summit.
The trip was great and I have learned a lot. Anastacia was super friendly, patient and of course competent. Hope I can
do a trip with her again in the future!
It was a great experience. It fulfilled all my expectations to have a first approach to winter mountaineering. My guide
was great teaching me all the basic stuff related to crampons, ice axe and winter hiking, plus he was a great coach supporting me to make it to the summit.
Takao is very professional. I enjoy climbing with him very much. Also, the waterfall at 2nd day leave a good
memories for me. If I climb in Japan again, I will find him again.
Great experience!
Amazing time with Mitja. Despite the severe weather conditions (wind and low visibility) we have made it to the top
as the only climbers that day – from 20 trying! Triglav is not easy in such conditions. You need to be tough yourself. Mitja makes perfect evaluation of your physical strengths on 6h walk up to the hut. Always on top and sharing knowledge and stories from his lifetime. I would recommend to everybody with at least medium physical shape. See U soon on the summit!
Karol Maziukiewicz for Mount Triglav guided winter climb
Excellent guide for a very dangerous mountain! In Hiroko’s hands she guided me across challenging terrain. I highly recommend this
winter hike as she will teach you the basics of winter mountaineering. The mountain is quite steep. For beginner mountaineers, this is the perfect trial ground. Hiroko was polite friendly and extremely helpful. She dropped me off at an onsen after the hike and then dropped me off at the train station.

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