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The Ecrins are famous for their stunning landscapes that feature high peaks, glaciers, alpine pastures, woodlands, and lakes!



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June to September


Summer temperature range between 15 ºC to 20 ºC, with temperatures often below freezing at the mountain top

How to get there

Fly into Alpes–Isère Airport (GNB) in Grenoble. From there, the Ecrins National Park can be reached in about one hour by car and a bit longer by bus

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Le Rateau, in the Massif des Ecrins, is a beautiful 3,809 m (12,497 ft) near to the famous La Meije. This stunning peak gets its name, French for “the rake”, due to its comb, or rake-like shape. It is one of the highest peaks in the Ecrins and can be tackled in 2-days, with proper guidance and some prior mountaineering experience. Don’t miss the chance to climb this breathtaking mountain with one of the guides at and enjoy an unforgettable climbing adventure!



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