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Top Mountain Climbing trips in Spain:




There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Spain:

Castile and Leon is the perfect place for short mountain climbing adventures for beginners, intermediate mountaineers or more experienced mountaineers that want to train for more challenging mountain climbing adventures.



Good to know:

Country code





Spanish and Leonese


Short, warm, dry summers and very cold and cloudy winters

How to get there

You can access Castile and Leon by plane, train, bus or car

Best time to visit

For mountain climbing, the best months are between March and November

More info about Mountain Climbing in Spain:

Castile and Leon is the largest region in Spain and is surrounded by the Picos de Europa in the Cantabrian Mountains to the north; the Sistema Central to the south; and the Sistema Ibérico to the east. Therefore, it offers a wide variety of mountain climbing options as well as breathtaking landscapes to discover. Furthermore, the region is famous for its stunning architectural landmarks and UNESCO world heritage sites. Don’t miss the chance to discover the wonders of Castile and Leon with one of the certified guides on!



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