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Situated at the southern end of the Matter Valley, Zermatt offers some of the best scenery in the country. Mountain climbing gives you the chance to head up some of the tallest Swiss peaks and enjoy stunning views into the glacier-carved valleys, out over the verdant evergreen forests and, of course, across other iconic mountains.



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June to September


Swiss franc (CHF)


German, French, Italian, English

What’s the weather like?

During the summer, average daily temperatures in Zermatt range from 10 ºC to 13 ºC. These drop dramatically as you gain in elevation. Summer is also the wettest time of year in Switzerland, receiving between 50 and 60 millimeters of rain each month

How to get there:

Flying into Geneva International Airport (GVA) is a common starting point for any trip to Zermatt. From here, it is easy enough to rent a car and make the roughly three hour drive or take a combination of trains and buses to get there. You could also fly into Sion (SIR) and drive or take the bus from there

More info about Mountain Climbing in Zermatt:

Located in the southern swiss canton of Valais, Zermatt sits at the foot of Switzerland’s highest peaks. Combining this convenient location with its excellent views, it’s no wonder that the town has become a mountain climbing hub. Outside of the Matterhorn and Breithorn, there are many other popular mountaineering options right nearby. The Allalinhorn (4,070 meters) along the country’s southern border is another popular climbing destination for novice climbers. Meanwhile, Grizzled veterans may be more interested in summiting Dent Blanche (4,357 meters) or Dom (4,545 meters), the tallest mountain solely within Switzerland. Other popular climbing destinations include Monte Rosa (4,634), the Rimpfischhorn (4,199 meters), and the Weisshorn (4,506 meters)



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