Arne Bergau

IFMGA Mountain Guide


I have been infected by the Mountain – Virus almost 25 years ago and ever since spent every free minute climbing, backcountry skiing and travelling to the world's great mountain ranges. I hold a degree in Geosciences and have been working in the field of Snow & Avalanche Research before I turned my passion into my profession. Working as a guide for me is one of the few professions where true idealism is asked for.

Our company:
Picos is a small, cutting - edge guiding company run by mountain enthusiasts. Founded in 1995, we offer guided trips all over the alps and beyond, covering all sorts of climbing and skiing related activities. After several years of guiding the classical routes and well known destinations we have decided to put our focus on the original aspects of Alpinism: discovery, team spirit and pure impression of nature, which we think has become rare in many of the more popular places lately.

Consequently we run many trips to famous summits on less frequented routes or to less known summits of equal quality. In Summer we prefer clean routes to pulling on fixed ropes or clipping bolts. In Winter you will find us skinning up a couple of minutes rather than battling with the crowds from the ski-lifts. And we have successfully guided the big alpine summits using bivies instead of crowded huts.

We cultivate a direct and honest contact to our clients. Our motto is flexibility and a profound comprehension for our client's needs. For example we know well that booking a guide for a sharply defined time window implies a high risk of failure due to weather, conditions etc. To ensure you get the best chances for your individual goal, we offer a second date option with many of our trips - a quite unique feature.

If you are looking for the authentic spirit of alpine adventure we have it for you!

Florian and Arne