Urs Odermatt

Mountain Guide

Zurich, Switzerland

I was born in 1974. I have been a Mountain Guide for the past 20 years, based in Zurich. Climbing mountains is my passion and this is why I am a guide. I do it because I love it.

My specialty are unkown routes in the central Swiss Alps, some of which might have not been climbed in ages. As a climber and a guide, I love discovering new terrain around my hometown and sharing this unique experience with my guests. If you are a passionate climber, you will love it.

This is why I don't offer more famous or classic routes, most of which I have already climbed. The real adventure and satisfaction for me is found in the challenge of the unknown. Definitely, guiding in this format requires much more effort and preparedness than repeating classic routes over and over. You can rest assured that I’m prepared and ready for these challenges.

I also have other activities on the side to support myself, like a trading company which includes a technical climbing and freeride equipment store in downtown Zurich, "Ruedi Bergsport". Feel free to come by and say hi!

I enjoy sharing impressions and experiences with my guests. I promise you will always see me just as excited as my guests during the tours. Why? As I said, I am a mountain guide because I love this.

Besides climbing, I also enjoy meeting interesting people. I am always open to sharing more than just the rope, like interesting conversations about politics, economics and philosophy. Walking home after a long day up in the mountain makes people open up and sometimes share deep moments as well. Keeping an open mind and sharing experiences helps you see beyond the horizon. This exactly what a good day in the mountains means to me.


English, French, German, Russian

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