Viktor Varoshkin

IFMGA Mountain Guide

Sofia, Bulgaria

I'm involved with the mountain for a decade now. It's been an intense relationship that consumed my everything. Back then I practiced all forms of climbing - sport, traditional, big wall, aid, ice, mixed. I risked it all giving my life away and then winning it back on big and hard faces.
Some years later I studied paramedicine and joined the Heli-Rescue. Sensing triumph as an alpinist and suffering as a rescuer completed my understanding of what the mountain is in relation to us.
In 2016 I climbed Cerro Torre and pushed a new line in Patagonia. I came back and few weeks later I lost my brother on mt. Elbrus. This turned my fragile and egoic world upside down. It's when the alpinist in me faded away, not being able to answer the question of what is it to be fully human?
Mountain guiding is what still keeps me close to the mountains, but also closer to others and closer to care.




English, Bulgarian

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