Feeling like running in Morocco's desert o tackling a three-peaked-mountain in Tanzania? Or why not, looking for a deep sea diving adventure, some rock climbing or an elephant-back safari? The list of outdoor activities in Africa is endless. Here you will find a selection with some of the best ones. helps you book your next guided program in this geographically and culturally amazing continent.




It seems that Morocco was made for outdoor lovers. No matter what season of the year you prefer, there are options for everyone. From guided treks under the warm desert sun to exciting winter sports in the Central High Tatras. But, despite its wide variety of activities, the most curious part is that it is still almost untouched, waiting to be explored…

In Moroccan lands you will also find a unique cultural wealth, probably very different from yours. Whether you visit places near the coast, in the desert or the mountains, the truth is that you will come upon a great opportunity to have fun. Most of the guided tours depart from Marrakech, the capital of the country. Take a look at these interesting programs that we have selected for you.




If we say ‘mountain trekking’, ‘surfing’, ‘horse riding’ or ‘bike safari’ it is very unlikely that you think of Tanzania. However, this African country has all this and more. Kilimanjaro is its main star but Tanzania also offers other interesting thrilling outdoor experiences. The Usambara Mountains and the tropical forest of Udzungwa are amazing places to visit if you come to this country in search of  unforgettable memories.

In addition to its landscapes and its wonderful nature, Tanzania is also characterized by its abundant diversity of animals. That’s why we suggest you to visit all the national parks you can. That way you will have the opportunity to discover the essence of the country, with breathtaking views and unique wildlife.




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