North America

Mexico, United States and Canada make up an interesting alternative to the Alps and Europe. North America has a wide variety of outdoor options: high Mexican volcanoes and extraordinary backcountry skiing fields in central and northwestern USA. Arriving at the northernmost point of the continent, we find the imposing Bugaboos or the Canadian Rockies for trekking, rock climbing or mountaineering. helps you book your next guided adventure in the beautiful North America.



United States

The options for hiking, mountaineering or skiing here are as extensive as its territory. From north to south and from coast to coast, you can spend your whole life visiting this country and never see two similar landscapes or feel the same sensations.

United States offers stunning sceneries, breathtaking mountain valleys, navigable rivers and amazing beaches, which are the pride of every local and foreign adventurer. Oregon, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Montana or even Alaska are just some of the places where you can find excellent guided programs, for all levels, tastes and ages.




The Canadian nature, besides being undoubtedly beautiful, offers all kinds of activities, from hiking and kayaking to cycling and mountaineering. If you are looking for winter adventures, go directly to British Columbia, Alberta or Quebec. For hikers, both experts and beginners, Canada offers a great variety of single and multi-day itineraries to walk through its wild nature. The capital of trekking is the Banff National Park, although the provincial parks of British Columbia are also incredible.

In Canada you will surely find what you are looking for.




Mexico is not just about paradisiacal beaches, tequila and mariachis. It is a country with a very interesting history and a millenary culture. In addition, it has extraordinary volcanoes, national parks and an architectural heritage that you have to know.

Hire a certified guide to climb the Iztaccihuatl or the famous Orizaba peak. Or enjoy the trails that lead you to the top of La Melinche, a still seismically active volcano. Live Mexico from within and be amazed by the kindness of its people, its fabulous landscapes and the history hidden in each town, with a strong Aztec mark.




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